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Track II Application Information

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The Track II - Accelerated nursing program begins in the summer and runs through four consecutive semesters - summer, fall, spring and summer. Approximately 40 students are accepted into this track.

Important Information:

  • Once you've completed the pre-nursing general education courses and are accepted into the nursing program, you'll move on to the technical phase of the nursing program curriculum. View required coursework

  • Applicants to any tracks in the nursing program must be 18 years of age by the first day of class, if accepted.

  • Applicants to the Track II - Accelerated program must apply to either Benton County or Washington County. You cannot apply to both. You cannot change campuses at a later point in the application process.

  • All application materials must be received on the designated deadline date and time. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then it will be the following business day.

  • NOTE: Make sure you have applied to be an NWACC student before completing the nursing track application. If you have not applied to be a student yet, please see "How to Apply" below.

Program Admission Process

Please read all of the information below before applying to the Track II - Accelerated nursing program.

The program administrator and faculty, in cooperation with appropriate institutional personnel, establish admissions procedures which are non-discriminatory, contribute to the quality of the program, and allow a selection of students with the potential to successfully complete the program. 

There is an established admissions committee which includes the program administrator and an advisory selection committee.

Before applying to the Nursing Track II program, please review the following admission requirements and recommendations.

  1. Applicants must attend a pre-nursing information session within one year prior to applying. 
  2. You must have the ability to communicate safely, accurately, and effectively in both written and spoken English.  If English is your second language, you are encouraged to enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL) to enhance your success.
  3. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance.
  4. Overall GPA 2.75*
  5. Official transcripts from all other institutions attended must be submitted and on your student record by December 1st.  If the transcript information is not displayed in My NWACC and official transcripts have been submitted to NWACC, contact the Health Professions advisor or Enrollment Support
  6. The minimum general education courses MUST be completed by the end of the fall semester in which the application is being submitted in order to be considered eligible for admission. ALL required general education courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.  
    Minimum general education courses:
  • MATH 1203 College Algebra Accelerated*
  • ENGL 1013 Composition I 
  • PSYC 2003 General Psychology
  • BIOL 2214 Anatomy and Physiology I*
  • BIOL 2224 Anatomy and Physiology II*
  • MBIO 2014 Microbiology
  • NURS 9313 Pharmacological Basis of Nursing

*No older than five years old at the time of submitting application to Track II.

The following courses must be completed prior to starting nursing classes:

  • ENGL 1023 Composition II
  • PSYC 2103 Human Growth and Development
  • AHSC 1123 Electronic Health Records 

 *If less than 12 credit hours at NWACC, GPA will be calculated from previous college transcripts.

How to Apply:

1. Apply for admission to NWACC - If you are not currently enrolled at NWACC, you need to apply for admission to the college in addition to applying to the Nursing Program.  Apply now to NWACC.

2. Apply to the Nursing Program - If you have completed all the required prerequisites*, have completed a pre-nursing session, and have a GPA of at least 2.75 then you are eligible to apply to the nursing program.

Apply to Nursing Program

Review Sheets - are automatically generated and will only be sent to applicants ONCE. Review sheets will be sent to all applicants regardless of program eligibility when the application period is over. During this time, the applicant will be able to evaluate the information that has been posted from their record. Applicants have ONE WEEK to contact the nursing department to discuss any discrepancies that are found. Courses that are currently in-session will not show up on this review sheet, given that the grade for this course will not post until the end of the current semester. Interview scores also do not show up as they have not taken place yet.

Interview - Once the application period ends and applicants have been screened for eligibility, point scores will be totaled for eligible applicants and the 50 highest scorers will be invited to interview. After interviews are completed scores will then be re-totaled and the 40 top scorers will be offered a seat in the track.

The selection of students into the Nursing Track II Program is based on a point system. Students with the highest total points are selected for admission. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met

College Algebra, A&P I&II and Microbiology, Pharmacological Basis of Nursing

  • A = 4 pts
  • B = 3 pts
  • C = 2 pts

A&P I, A&P II, and Microbiology classes that are taken at NWACC will each receive 1 additional preference point.

English Comp I, Psychology and College Algebra

  • A = 3 pts
  • B = 2 pts
  • C = 1 pt

1 additional point for completing a CNA course

1 additional point for completing a PCA course

1 additional point for completing a paramedic course

2 additional points if applicant is a Veteran

GPA points. Ex.: 3.4 GPA = 3.4 points, 2.85 GPA = 2.85 points etc.

After the application period ends, the Selection Committee will invite the 50 eligible applicants with the highest points to interview, after which the interview scores will be added to the total scores and the top 40 students will be chosen. The Selection Committee will contact eligible applicants concerning their placement in the program. Please DO NOT contact the nursing department or Health Professions divisions concerning your application. A review sheet will be sent to your NWACC email allowing you to follow up within one week of the receipt date.

Upon acceptance to the program, you will receive an admission packet which includes specific directions, fees and deadlines. The documents listed below will be required (instructions provided in the admission packet).  The cost is approximately $122. Please do not begin this until you receive your packet with instructions:

  • Proof of current physical exam (within the last three months)
  • Proof of current TB skin test
  • Proof of MMR immunization
  • Proof of Varicella (chicken pox) immunization OR documented proof that you've had the disease
  • Proof of current CPR certification - must be American Heart Association: Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers.  Check EMT for information and availability regarding CPR courses offered at NWACC.
  • Urine drug screen 
  • Criminal background check **
  • Proof of flu vaccination (seasonal)
  • Proof of Tdap
  • Must have access to a computer, internet, scanner, printer, camera and microphone
  • Uniforms (you will be instructed on where to purchase these)
  • Several specialized programs (approximate cost $300)
  • Reliable transportation to all classes, labs, and clinical sites
  • Please note: other requirements may be mandated by the clinical sites

If English is your second language and you are seeking admission into the Health Professions programs, you are required to complete an English as a Second Language (ESL) listening test. 

Students can receive more information and/or schedule to take the ESL listening test through the NWACC testing center by calling 479-619-4354 or visiting the testing center page.

The ESL listening test is designed to assess a student’s ability to understand standard American English. A score of 92 or higher on the COMPASS ESL listening test (taken within the last three years) OR a score of 120 or higher on the Accuplacer ESL listening test is REQUIRED for students seeking entrance
into Health Professions Programs. A minimum score or higher indicates the ability to understand complex discussions, such as academic lectures and factual reports. Students scoring below the minimum will need to retest and successfully pass by July 1st.

Criminal Background Checks for Clinicals & NCLEX-RN:

Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ARSBN) website information regarding background checks:

Nurse Practice Act of the State of Arkansas, Sub Chapter 3 Licensing, Section 17-87-312 criminal background checks: Arkansas Nurse Practice Act Sub Chapter 3 Excerpt: Criminal Background Checks - A.C.A. § 17-87-312

ARSBN Rules, Chapter 2 Licensure, Section V Criminal Background Checks: Arkansas Code Annotated Title 17 Professions, Occupations, and Businesses; Subtitle 1. Professions Generally; Chapter 3 Occupational Criminal Background Checks Excerpt: Licensing Restrictions Based on Criminal Records - A.C.A. § 17-3-102

Licensure by Examination publication, Frequently Asked questions about NCLEX section: Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal Background Check Information: Arkansas Nurse Practice Act Sub Chapter 3 Excerpt: Criminal Background Checks - A.C.A. § 17-87-312

Be advised that if offenses are reported on your background check, you might be prevented from completing the clinical portion of nursing courses and/or ineligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam upon completion of the nursing program.  Failure to fulfill clinical objectives will result in failure of the course(s), and could result in dismissal from the program and/or ineligibility to take the NCLEX-RN.

According to the ASBN Nurse Practice Act (sub Chapter Section 3-17-87-312, no person shall be eligible to receive or hold a license issued by the board if that person has pleaded guilty, nolo contendere, or been found guilty of any of the offenses (as identified in Arkansas Code, ACA 17-87-312).
Criminal background checks
Licensing restrictions based on criminal records

The law applies to licensed nurses as well as those individuals seeking licensure. This includes new graduates, nurses applying for licensure from other countries or states and nurses applying for advance practice. Additional information is available by accessing the Nurse Practice Act (Sub Chapter Section 3-17-87-312) at: Arkansas Nurse Practice Act Sub Chapter 3 Excerpt: Criminal Background Checks - A.C.A. § 17-87-312


Track II Application Period: Nov.1 - Dec. 1

Track II - Accelerated application and all required materials must be received in the division office by 12 a.m. midnight on the final day of the application period. Make sure you have applied to be a student of NWACC before completing the nursing application.

Track II Nursing Application

Note: Students who will be attending clinical rotations while enrolled in a professional program at the Center for Health Professions will be required to have a drug screen performed, either prior to admission, or prior to attending clinical rotations. Students who test positive for drugs (including medical marijuana) will be denied access to the clinical rotations and will consequently be either denied acceptance into the professional program or dismissed from the professional program.