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A Secure Learning Environment
Police & Public Safety

A Secure Learning Environment
Police & Public Safety

Police and Public Safety

The NWACC Police and Public Safety Department is staffed by certified police officers and facilitates a safe and secure learning environment which allows the college community to advance and prosper.

The college shares many of the same crime and security challenges as the area counties and cities. NWACC police investigate and follow up on all reports of criminal activity on campus. In some cases, officers are assisted in their investigations by other area law enforcement agencies.

NWACC officers are constantly undergoing training, including yearly qualifying firearm training and monthly simulator training. They are also CPR and AED certified.

Law Enforcement Authority

NWACC's police officers are duly commissioned law enforcement personnel whose police authority is derived from Arkansas State Statute #25-17-304 which provides them with the same powers as any municipal, county, or state police agency in Arkansas. This includes powers of arrest. NWACC's police personnel work with area law enforcement agencies in providing police services to the college.

Satellite Offices: Located in NWACC's Washington County and Brightwater locations.

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Chief of Police Cecil White

Police Officer Performing CPR
Police and Public Safety Department

Services and Resources


  • Law and ordinance enforcement
  • Traffic and parking enforcement
  • Issue employee parking hangtags
  • Campus crime investigation
  • Vehicle, foot and bicycle patrol of campus Vehicle jump starts
  • Safety escorts (day and night, on campus)
  • Lost and found management


Important Steps:

  • If dialing from a college-system telephone, dialing 9-1-1 will automatically connect you to the 9-1-1 operator.
    • You do NOT have to dial 9-9-1-1.
  • After calling 9-1-1, immediately contact the NWACC Police and Public Safety Department (479-619-4229) to inform them of the emergency.


Alert Icons

Emergency Alerts

Learn how NWACC uses BCAlert and LiveSafe to keep you updated on emergency situations and send you alerts such as severe weather and campus closings.

Emergency Alerts

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Report a Concern

Access and complete NWACC's Student Conduct Report form if you would like to report a formal conduct complaint or a concern about a student.

Report a Concern

NWACC Parking Hangtag Permit

Employee Parking

Hangtags (permits) are required for employees to park at NWACC locations, so be sure to stop in a police and public safety office to renew yours or obtain a new one.


Concealed Gun

Concealed Carry

Learn more about the possession of concealed handguns on the NWACC grounds by reading the college's concealed carry on campus statement.

Concealed Carry

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Domestic Violence

The enacted Laura's Law requires Arkansas police officers responding to domestic violence incidents to ask victims a set of questions to evaluate their risk of being killed by abuse.

Domestic Violence

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Security Report

Under the Clery Act, NWACC publishes the Annual Security Report which shows campus and non-campus crime statistics and campus security policy statements.

Security Report

Crime Log

View the Clery Act daily crime log to see a record of all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the NWACC Police & Public Safety Department.

Crime Log

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