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Campus Safety

Campus Safety is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment that enhances the learning experience and complements the NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) educational mission.

As an integral part of the local community, NWACC shares many of the same crime and security challenges as the counties and cities in our area. Campus Safety investigates and follows up on all reports of criminal activity on campus. In some cases, officers are assisted in their investigations by other area law enforcement agencies. 

The Department of Public Safety office is located in the Center for Health Professions 1042, with satellite offices throughout the NWACC campus.

Campus Safety is staffed with both commissioned police officers and with non-commissioned security officers.

The department director and its police officers are duly commissioned law enforcement personnel whose police authority is derived from Arkansas State Statute # 25-17-304 which provides them with the same powers as any municipal, county, or state police agency in Arkansas. This includes powers of arrest. College police personnel work cooperatively with area law enforcement agencies in providing police services to NWACC.

In any emergency dial 9-1-1.

If you are dialing from a college-system telephone, dialing 9-1-1 will automatically connect you to the 9-1-1 operator. You do NOT have to dial 9-9-1-1.

After completing your call to the 9-1-1 operator, you should immediately contact the Department of Public Safety (479-619-4229) to inform the on-duty personnel of the emergency.

Emergency Procedure Resources:

About NWACC Department of Public Safety (DPS) 

  • Main headquarters located in CHP 1042, with main substation located in BH 1205.
  • Satellite offices contained in every building near main entrances at all Benton County and Washington County locations.
  • DPS provides services at five locations and consists of 29 authorized positions that include 17 state certified police officers and 12 security officers.
  • Officers are constantly undergoing training, including yearly qualifying firearm training and monthly simulator training.
  • DPS answers calls for service, responds to alarms and enforces state criminal and traffic laws.
  • DPS has police officers responsible for specialized assignments including criminal investigations, training and bicycle patrol.
  • All officers are CPR & AED certified.
  • DPS can be reached from any on campus phone at 4229 or at 479-619-4229
  • The NWACC DPS understands the unique challenges associated with a college setting, and as such is tasked with providing services that meet both law enforcement and private security standards.


During an emergency situation and for important announcements (such as severe weather and campus closings) two systems of contacting you are BCAlert and LiveSafe

BC Alert System  

Benton County now has an enhanced BCAlert emergency warning system, which NWACC is authorized to use to convey important messages.  BC Alerts is a free, publicly available system that allows you to easily and conveniently be forewarned about dangerous weather, notified of an emergency situation, or campus closures.  The system gives you critical information during emergencies, with official notifications from local public safety and emergency managers, both from NWACC and Benton County Emergency Management.  These alerts will tell you where to go, what to do, and how to stay informed and are available by text, email, and phone.  Because you can receive messages by text on your cell phone, BCAlerts may remain functional in times of poor cell phone service, even when you can’t receive a call.  We encourage you to sign up for BCAlerts, following these easy steps:

  • Go to http://www.bcalert.com
  • Click “Sign Up Now!”
  • Create an account by filling in basic information about yourself, such as your name, e-mail, and address.
  • Select how you want to get alerts, such as on your cell phone, computer, or home phone.
  • Choose the types of emergency alerts you want, ranging from community information, severe weather alerts, to major emergencies.  Be sure to select “NorthWest Arkansas Community College” under the Benton County Schools and Colleges section so that you will receive NWACC-specific information, including inclement weather closure announcements.
  • You’re set!

Once you’ve created an account, take note of your user name and password.  You can return to BCAlert at any time to change the notifications you receive.   NWACC does not store this information.

NWACC Live Safe App

NWACC also utilizes the LiveSafe smartphone application.  LiveSafe allows you to take action quickly and easily from your smartphone.  From sharing information on concerning behavior to reporting safety hazards, the LiveSafe platform delivers two-way, real time interactions with the Department of Public Safety that include location-tagged text, calls, and photos.  LiveSafe allows you, as a member of our campus community, to actively contribute to the safety of our environment by reporting suspicious activity quickly and easily.  It will connect you via phone or two-way chat, so you can use it discretely if needed.  NWACC can also use LiveSafe to share emergency notifications to users for important announcements.  We encourage you to download the free LiveSafe app, following these steps:

  • Download the “LiveSafe” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Register and fill out your profile.
  • Select NWACC.
  • Enable push notifications for LiveSafe—don’t worry, it will only ever send you emergency notifications, never spam.  Without push notifications enabled, we can’t send you important emergency messages. 
  • You’re set!

Once you’ve installed the LiveSafe app, make sure to keep it updated so you always receive important notifications and have full access to the app’s functions. 

For more information contact Teresa Taylor, Exec Director Policy, Risk, Compliance, (479)619-4188, or email ttaylor19@nwacc.edu, or Erin Campbell, Risk Manager, (479) 936-5173, or email ecampbell7@nwacc.edu.

Campus safety is a priority to NWACC. If you have a concern, we make it easy for you to share information with our staff so that we may address the issue. 

See Something. Say Something.

The NWACC LiveSafe app is the "Do Something" tool for our community. Our motto with the Red Flag Campaign, is "See Something, Say Something," and this tool puts the power to "do something" in your hands.

This app helps us to:

  •  Mobilize individuals

  •  Inform our campus community
  •  Connect us together

This app allows you to:

  • Request emergency assistance
Share info about safety & security concerns
  • Receive emergency information
  • Report concerning behavior

  • Use the SafeWalk-Virtual buddy system
  • Download FREE on the App Store or Google Play 

You can also report a formal conduct complaint or report a concern about a student if you believe a possible student code of conduct violation has occurred. 

All crimes of whatever nature should be initially reported to the Department of Public Safety. They can be contacted by telephone (479-619-4229), or in person by visiting their office in Center for Health Professions, Room #1042.

Unauthorized firearms and other dangerous weapons of any kind are not permitted in or around college facilities.

Crime Incident Report Form

The recently enacted Laura's Law requires Arkansas police officers responding to domestic violence incidents to ask victims a set of questions to evaluate their risk of being killed by abuse, such as whether the offender has ever used a weapon against the victim or controls most of the victim's daily activities.

The assessment aims to help identify victims in severe danger needing intervention. Police will also present victims with a Laura's Card, a document listing their rights and contact information for local prosecutors and shelters. 

Local Resources:

  • Peace at Home Family Shelter, Fayetteville, AR: 1-877-422-9811
  • NWA Women's (and Men's) Shelter, Rogers, AR: 479-246-9999
  • NWA Center for Sexual Assault (formerly NWA Rape Crisis), Fayetteville, AR: 479-445-6448 
  • Ozark Guidance Center (Counseling/Substance Abuse), Bentonville, AR: 479-273-9088
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • Children's Advocacy Center, Benton County, AR: 479-621-0385
  • NWA Children's Shelter, Bentonville, AR: 479-795-2417

Effective September 1, 2017

Provided all of the following conditions are met, the possession of concealed handguns in buildings and on the grounds of NorthWest Arkansas Community College is permitted under Arkansas Act 562 of 2017:

  • Carrier has a license to carry a concealed handgun
  • Carrier has completed additional endorsement training as approved by the Director of the Department of Arkansas State Police

Concealed means the handgun is shielded from observation and not viewable in public.

Not withstanding the above, a licensed carrier may store a concealed handgun in his or her locked vehicle in a publicly owned and maintained parking lot.

Exceptions to the right to carry a concealed handgun include the following:

  • All public K-12 locations, Jones Center for Families, and private spaces not owned or leased by NWACC
  • Documented grievance and disciplinary meetings, provided additional requirements are met by NWACC personnel

For additional information, refer to Arkansas Act 562 of 2017.

Definitions may be found at Ark. Code Ann. §5-73-301 (2017).


Your personal safety, and the security of the campus community are of vital concern to NWACC. A copy of the college's annual security report is available upon request. This report includes statistics for the most recent three-year period concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by NWACC, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

The report also includes information regarding the law enforcement authority of the college police, and policies concerning campus security such as crime prevention, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assault, obtaining the name(s) of any registered sex offender who may be employed by, or be a student at NWACC, and the reporting of any crimes which may occur on the campus.

You can obtain a copy of this report by contacting Department of Public Safety, Burns Hall 1020, NorthWest Arkansas Community College, One College Drive, Bentonville, AR., 72712.

This information is also on file along with the data from other institutions of higher education at http:/ope.ed.gov/security

The Office of Student Conduct offers programs and services that promote safety, personal and academic success and social responsibility. NWACC offers a variety of support services and can help connect you to college and community resources.

Feel free to visit our Student Conduct website or email conduct@nwacc.edu for more information.