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Make it official.

Make it official.

NWACC Graduation

Spring & Fall 2020 Graduates! 

Congratulations on your graduation from NWACC! For safety reasons, NWACC will not have an in-person graduation ceremony for spring and fall 2020 graduates but will have a Virtual Graduation Ceremony on Dec. 12th. In the mean time, if you have not already done so, be sure to apply for graduation as it is a requirement (even if you choose not to participate in the ceremony). 

Virtual Graduation Details

Congratulations on nearing the completion of your NWACC degree or certificate! Be sure to make it official by applying for graduation and receiving your diploma. It's FREE to apply, and you are eligible to do so when you have less than three courses remaining after your current semester. After applying for graduation, you will have one year to complete your degree or you will need to re-apply.

Please note that it's not required to attend the graduation ceremony to receive your diploma.



Graduation Events

Gradfest is an opportunity to make sure you're prepared to graduate! Resource tables from various college offices will be available to make sure you have completed everything needed to receive your diploma and participate in the graduation ceremony. You can also apply to graduate at the event and ask any remaining questions. 

Check back soon to view the Gradfest details once they are finalized.  

The Academic Awards Ceremony is an opportunity to join the NWACC community in celebrating remarkable students from the graduating class of 2020. You will hear of their accomplishments, their dreams, and the challenges they have overcome to be nominated for these prestigious awards.

Check back soon to view the Academic Awards Ceremony details once they are finalized.   

If you are planning to participate in the graduation ceremony, join this information session and ask any final questions, ensure your information is listed correctly, and learn some helpful tips for the big day. 

Check back soon to view the Graduation Ceremony Information Session details once they are finalized.    

NWACC plans to hold an in-person ceremony in December for spring and fall 2020 graduates. 

Check back soon to view the Graduation Ceremony details once they are finalized. 


Remember to apply to graduate in order to be a part of the graduation ceremony.  



Graduation Ceremony

The NWACC graduation ceremony is an exciting time to celebrate your achievements with family, friends and fellow classmates. Learn more about the big day by using the links below.



Graduation Application

Apply for graduation to receive your diploma and to indicate whether you'll be attending the graduation ceremony. It's FREE to apply. 

Be sure to read the graduation information on the application form step by step. You may view the application at any time and make changes as needed. Once submitted, please fill out the graduation survey.

Apply for Graduation!