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Whether you're a recent high school graduate, a career changer or a tradesperson, NWACC can help keep your college dreams on track. NWACC offers various learning paths and class options designed with your academic needs and personal health and safety in mind. Review the options below to find further information on applying and enrolling in courses that best fit your goals.


NWACC has a variety of course options designed to offer you a high-quality education and a safe environment. Course instruction will be offered on campus, online at a scheduled time and online anytime. 

  • On-Campus & Online Scheduled Time: Many labs and technical courses will offer social distancing face-to-face instruction at a set time and on campus. Other courses will be offered through a hybrid approach which includes social distancing face-to-face instruction and online instruction via live streaming.

  • Online Scheduled Time: Some courses will be offered to students remotely through a video conferencing tool at a scheduled timeThe class will be streamed live and students will be able to ask questions and participate in discussions.

  • Online Anytime: Many courses will be offered to students by online technology and NOT at a scheduled time. Instructors will be available to answer questions by email or other conferencing technology.

Computers & Technology 

Since many courses will be offered online and through live streaming, they will require a computer and technology to be able to access them. NWACC’s Computers and Technology for College web page is a great starting point when researching and deciding which computers and technology may best fit your needs.

Find additional information regarding COVID-19 and NWACC's efforts to keep students and employees safe.

Choose Your Student Type

First Time College Student

Students who have earned a high school diploma or GED and have never attended college.

Returning NWACC Student

Students who have attended NWACC before but have skipped one semester.


Workforce Development offers one day classes, certifications, customized training, apprenticeships, retail classes, and more.

High School Student

Students who are in high school and interested in earning college credit by enrolling in college-level courses. 

International Student

Students who are applying for an F-1 Visa to study at NWACC.

Adult Education

Students who are interested in earning their GED, participating in Workforce courses, learning English as a Second Language, learning more about American citizenship, and much more.

Transfer Student

Students who have previous college credit and interested in transferring to NWACC.

Visiting Student

Students who are enrolled at another institution, but looking to enroll in a class that can be transferred back to their home college institution.

Specially Admitted Student

Students who are 18 years of age or older and have neither graduated from high school nor completed a GED or received an Arkansas high school diploma.