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Kickstart Your Journey to Higher Education
High School

Kickstart Your Journey to Higher Education
High School

High School: College Course Programs

Earning college credit towards a degree or certificate while still a high school student can kickstart your journey to higher education, prepare you for the rigor of college, and can even save you time and money.

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Take College Courses Through Your High School

High School Based Early College Experience

Begin your journey to a higher education by taking college courses within your own high school or on the NWACC campus. 

Take College Classes in High School 


Earn a College Degree While Still in High School

Associate Degree Completion Program - Early College Experience

Students can take the required college courses to earn an Associate's of Arts or an Associate's of Sciences degree while still in high school.

Earn an Associate Degree

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Sign on for College Courses Online

Online Early College Experience

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of online college courses while getting a head start on your college degree. 

Take Online College Classes 


Prepare for Your Future with Career and Technical College Courses

Career and Technical Early College Experience

Grow your knowledge and skill set with other high school students at NWACC's Secondary Career Center, while still attending high school. 

Career and Technical College Courses

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Enroll in College Courses On NWACC Campus

On-Campus Concurrent High School Student 

By partnering with area high schools, NWACC allows students to enroll in college courses on campus while also attending high school – we call this Concurrent Enrollment.

On-Campus College Courses


Take College Courses as a Home-Schooled Student

Concurrent Enrollment for Those Who are Home-Schooled

High school students that are homeschooled can also qualify to take college-level courses at NWACC. 

NWACC College Courses

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Explore Retail Industry Foundations and Earn College Credit

The Junior Merchant Program

The Junior Merchant Program is a combination of for-credit and career-credit classes that introduces high school students and recent high school graduates to introductory Retail concepts and job opportunities within the industry.

Junior Merchant Program