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A World of Opportunity
International Students

A World of Opportunity
International Students

The International Programs Center at NWACC empowers lives, inspires learning and strengthens the student body seeking an education in the U.S. through accessible, affordable, quality education.

As an international student at NWACC, you can pursue various degrees in numerous areas of study, all at affordable rates and with options to transfer your credits to internationally recognized four-year institutions within the United States. 

You'll also enjoy small classroom sizes, allowing you the opportunity to connect with American teachers and students. And with extensive club and organization options, you'll have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself into the American culture.

Choosing to pursue a higher education at NWACC, located in the northwest Arkansas, you'll also have access to internships or career training with various companies, including Fortune 500.

Learn more about studying at NWACC by choosing the student type below that best suits you. There's a place for you here.

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First-Time International College Students

Students outside of the United States who wish to attend NWACC as an F-1 international student.


Transfer International College Students

International students on an F-1 Visa at another United States institution who wish to transfer to NWACC.


Visiting International College Students

International students on a U.S. Visa who do not need sponsorship on F-1, and wish to enroll in NWACC classes for one or more semesters.