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When You Will Receive Your Financial Aid Disbursement

Typically, you receive two refunds each term. Awards are divided into equal refund payments per semester, and you receive a percentage at the beginning of the semester and the balance before the end of the semester.

Enrollment and Disbursement

The amount of aid you receive depends on the number of units you are enrolled in at the time of refund. If you add or drop units before the freeze date, your refund will be adjusted accordingly.  

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid will only pay what is charged to a student's account at the time the financial aid is disbursed. For any charges incurred by the student after the financial aid was applied, the balance owed will be the responsibility of the student. Failure to pay balances in full by payment deadlines may prevent enrollment in future terms.

First Year, First Time Student Loan Borrowers must establish 30 days of attendance in at least 6 credit hours in order to receive their first loan disbursement (this applies to loans only, not other types of aid such as Pell grants and scholarships). The term "first-year, first-time borrower" applies to students who have never had a student loan at NWACC or any college/university, and have either earned less than 30 credit hours or are enrolled in a technical certificate (TC) or certificate of training (CT) degree.

A single-term loan (Fall only or Spring only) are distributed in two disbursements. The 2nd disbursement is after the mid-point in the semester.

Students enrolled in a 12 Week or 2nd 8 Week course will receive another Financial Aid disbursement after the 80% drop period ends for that part of term.

The amount disbursed may be less than the amount in your award letter. The amounts shown in your award letter are based on full-time enrollment (12 credits per term). If you are enrolled for fewer than 12 credits when your funds are disbursed, your award amounts might have been adjusted. If you have questions about your award amounts, contact Enrollment Services.