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Guide to Receiving Financial Aid

Review Eligibility

What type of aid you are eligible for will be mainly determined by the information you put on your application. Yet, there are some general eligibility requirements you should review before completing your application to make sure you meet Financial Aid requirements.  See Eligibility Guidelines.

Check Important Deadlines

You can apply for Financial Aid for the next academic year starting on October 1st. The priority deadline for the summer and fall semesters is always May 1st and the priority deadline for spring is always November 1st. Additionally, when you apply for financial aid could affect specific types of awards you may be eligible for. Make sure you don't miss any important deadlines for the Financial Aid process.

Apply Now

Ready to Apply? Use our application guide to see which ones you need to fill out.

Apply Now

After You Apply

Finished applying? Read about what to expect and when you will be notified of your award. Notification of Award

Receive Your Funds

Disbursement is the process used to send you your financial aid funds. Read more about the process and when to expect to have your funds available to you. Financial Aid Disbursement

Maintain Your Eligibility

After you have received your funds, there are certain things you must do to stay eligible for financial aid. Review requirements to make sure you can continue receiving money. Maintain Eligibility