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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Your academic success is important. 

To be eligible for Federal Aid, Federal Regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) while working towards an approved degree or certificate program at NWACC. Students are required to submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges. All hours attempted at or transferred into NWACC will be counted as part of a student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress. NWACC does not transfer in GPA from previously attended colleges. Satisfactory Academic Progress will be reviewed prior to a student’s initial enrollment period and at the end of each academic year and after the summer semester.

Please take time to read our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.  It can vary from one academic year to another. 

20-2021 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
2019-2020 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

When a student loses federal student aid eligibility because they failed to make satisfactory academic progress, he or she may appeal that result on the basis of: his injury or illness, the death of a relative, or other special circumstances. The appeal must explain why they failed to make satisfactory progress and what has changed in their situation that will allow them to make satisfactory progress at the next evaluation.

If you have lost federal aid eligibility and have a special circumstance that you can document, you may request to appeal the exclusion. There are several steps to the process:

  1. Check to be sure financial aid file is complete through My NWACC Connection
  2. Sign up for one of two online Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Workshops
    • Appeal workshops are in the form of an online class available in the months of May - June.  If your appeal is approved, the approval begins with the upcoming Spring semester.   If your appeal is approved, the approval begins with the upcoming Fall 2020 semester.    . 
      • The May workshop registration opens May 4, 2020 and ends May 21, 2020. 
      • The June workshop registration opens June 1, 2020 and ends June 30, 2020.
    • If you missed the appeal process, there are a couple of options for you to still attend classes. You may qualify for a Private Education Loan. For more information, visit If you need to take developmental classes, you may take advantage of our Adult Education Center. They offer a number of classes free of charge. For more information visit their website.
  3. After successfully completing the workshop an appeal form will be emailed to your NWACC email account. 
  4. Gather documentation
  5. Make an appointment to see advisor
  6. Turn in the appeal form at the Enrollment Support Center

Satisfactory Academic Process Appeal Workshop