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English for College & Career

Here at NWACC, we welcome the growing number of international and immigrant students in northwest Arkansas and provide an avenue for success in higher education and the workplace.

English for College and Career (ENGC) is a bridge program that provides non-native speaking students with assistance in English vocabulary and grammar. Students participate in this program while simultaneously taking the recommended general education courses.

ENGC courses count as institutional credit hours and are used to figure grade point average (GPA) but do not count toward a degree.

ENGC 0033 College Reading and Vocabulary
ENGC 0043 Grammar for Communication
ENGC 0053 Grammar Review
ENGC 0063 Intermediate Writing
NWACC Students

ENGC Courses Go Beyond Grammar for International Students

International students, Arivanandan (Ari) Annamalai and Renato Betim, have not only experienced growth in their English communication and writing skills, but in their personal lives. We had the opportunity to interview the two students and hear more about their experience in the program. Visit our blog to learn more.

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