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English for College & Career

NWACC Students

NWACC’s English for College and Career (ENGC) program offers linguistically diverse students the opportunity to improve their English comprehension, reading, writing and researching for college and the workplace. 

Graduates of local high schools, adult education ESL programs and intensive English institutes are invited to take ENGC courses for further support in academic English. 

Why ENGC Courses:

  • Strengthen your academic English skills
  • Earn college credit while taking ENGC courses
  • Receive personalized tutoring
  • Take courses that meet you where you are linguistically
  • Be better prepared for college success and career advancement
  • Use ENGC computer lab for school projects and homework
  • Use ENGC student lounge for studying or visiting with others

View our blog to learn more about students who have participated in the ENGC program. 

ENGC Courses:

ENGC 0033 College Reading and Vocabulary
ENGC 0043 Grammar for Communication
ENGC 0053 Grammar Review
ENGC 0063 Intermediate Writing