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History courses offer you the opportunity to explore a continuous, systematic narrative of past events relating to a particular people, country, period, person and so on. 

History courses can fulfill general education requirements for many of NWACC's degree paths and can be transferred to a four-year university.

If you decide to transfer and pursue a bachelor's degree in history, you can find employment opportunities in urban planning, education, social work, library science, art,  music, journalism, business, public policy and more. 

History Courses:

HIST 1003 Western Civ to 1650
HIST 1013 Western Civ Since 1650
HIST 1033 World Civ to 1500
HIST 1033H World Civ to 1500 Honors
HIST 1043 World Civilizations Since 1500
HIST 2003 History of American People to 1877
HIST 2003H History of American People to 1877, Honors
HIST 2013 History of American People Since 1877
HIST 2013H History of American People Since 1877, Honors
HIST 2053 History of Arkansas
HIST 2093 African American History