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English for College & Career Courses Go Beyond Grammar for Linguistically Diverse Students

NWACC Students

NWACC embraces the growing number of linguistically diverse people moving to the northwest Arkansas community by providing an avenue for success in higher education and the workplace. Such an avenue is provided through the college's English for College and Career program.

The English for College and Career (ENGC) program offers linguistically diverse students the opportunity to improve their English comprehension, reading, writing and researching for college and the workplace. Graduates of local high schools, adult education ESL programs and intensive English institutes are invited to take ENGC courses for further support in academic English. 

NWACC students, Arivanandan (Ari) Annamalai and Renato Betim, have not only experienced growth in their English communication and writing skills, but in their personal lives. We had the opportunity to interview the two and hear more about their experience in the program. Read further to learn more. 

NWACC Student 

Arivanandan Annamalai

  • Nickname: Ari
  • Home country: Malaysia
  • Area of study: Nursing
  • Graduation: Spring 2020 
  • Academic accomplishments:
    • SGA Director of Communication 
    • Citizens of the World Club President
    • Phi Theta Kappa (International Honor’s Society) member
    • October 2018 Golden Eagle award winner

Why do you think it's important to get involved on campus and join clubs or organizations? 

I love getting involved on the campus as well as interacting with other students and learning about different cultures. I feel like being in a club allows me to maximize my experience and share my experience with others. I feel that it is important to develop global friendships in order to be a well-rounded person. I have felt that serving my community is my passion because I get a sense of fulfillment. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I can do anything I can to help them. 

NWACC Student Holding an Award

What have you learned in the English for College & Career (ENGC) program?

In the ENGC program, I have learned to improve my speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills. This program also makes me improve on my vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

What was your favorite part of taking ENGC courses?

My favorite part was going to class every day and knowing that at the end of the day, I will learn something new, and I will improve my skills.

What did you think of the faculty that teach ENGC?

I am very thankful for my ENGC teachers - Ms. Mallow and Ms. Miller. I have learned a lot from my beloved professors. They are the ones who build confidence in me. I used to be afraid to talk in public due to my lack of confidence in speaking English but, by enrolling in the ENGC program, I have been able to improve a lot, and I am not afraid to talk in public.

NWACC Student on a Bike

How did the writing and grammar skills that you learned in the ENGC program/courses help you in your other college classes?

The most developed skill that I have learned was writing with correct grammar and punctuation use. This lead into writing paragraphs with correct sentences, phrases and quotations. This developed grammar also lead into paraphrasing long quotes.

Furthermore, I have developed creativity in writing. We can be more creative with what we write, and we need to find unique ways to say the same things that others are saying. ENGC program makes me improve in writing and reading in other classes.

The most important thing that I have learned through the ENGC program was that practice makes perfect. The more practice you do, it will improve your writing and reading skills.



NWACC Student Holding a Brazilian Flag  

Renato Betim

  • Home country: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Area of study: Journalism and Political Science
  • Graduation: May 2019
  • Academic accomplishments:
    • Golden Eagle award winner
    • Distinguished Golden Eagle award winner
    • Placed at Iron Reporter National Competition
    • Placed first, second and third in Arkansas College Media Association
    • SGA president
    • Board of Trustees - Student Trustee
    • Eagle View Senior Reporter
    • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member


What have you learned in the ENGC program?

Grammar, punctuation, writing skills, culture and critical thinking.

What was your favorite part of taking ENGC courses?

I liked it all. The instructors were amazing and well prepared to teach international students. They knew that English isn’t our first language and still, they challenged us to get better at it in every class.

NWACC Students

What did you think of the teachers that taught ENGC?

I think their preparedness to teach English classes to international students made a huge difference in the learning process. Not that the classes were any easier, but the approach that each instructor had was fundamental in laying a firm foundation for the classes to come.

How did the writing and grammar skills that you learned in the ENGC program help you in your other college classes?

The classes served as a base to sustain different writing skills that I eventually used in different classes. I felt prepared to write essays, and I was confident in my writing when the semester was over. I know that I will be able to extend the knowledge I have received in these classes further in my academics and career.

NWACC Student and Staff  


Interested in attending NWACC and improving your English skills? 

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