Respiratory Therapist Program Costs | NorthWest Arkansas Community College

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NWACC proudly offers students an accessible and affordable higher education. Be sure to visit the Treasurer's Office for the most recent, detailed tuition and fees. Financial aid is also available to eligible students.

Tuition and Fees:

  • The approximate cost for in-district students is $11,140 **.
  • The approximate cost for out-of-district students is $14,940 **. This excludes the cost of textbooks and other fees.

The RT program cost will vary according to residency in relation to the college's service area.

In addition to the tuition and fees, you will be responsible for the cost of additional items needed to complete the RT program. Below are approximate expenses of items needed (costs will vary by provider, individual preferences and needs).

Item Cost
Clinical uniforms and  equipment $670
Immunizations, drug screen, and background check
New books

* Approximate costs will vary by provider, individual preferences, and needs

** Approximate cost that includes tuition and fees based on 82 credit hours

See the Treasurer's Office for the most recent and detailed fees and tuition.