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Respiratory Therapist Program Admission

Initiate the first step in your Respiratory Therapy career by applying today. If you have not applied to be a student, please see How to Apply below.

Application Period

March 1st to July 1st

Your application and all required materials must be received in the division office by 3:00 p.m. on the final day of the application period. Make sure you have applied to be a student of NWACC before completing the Respiratory Therapist application.

Respiratory Therapist Application

Note: Students who will be attending clinical rotations while enrolled in a professional program at the Center for Health Professions will be required to have a drug screen performed, either prior to admission, or prior to attending clinical rotations. Students who test positive for drugs (including medical marijuana) will be denied access to the clinical rotations and will consequently be either denied acceptance into the professional program or dismissed from the professional program.

Additional information regarding possible prohibition of taking licensure, registry and certification examination for health professions students:

Individuals who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, have been involved with or convicted of illegal drug use or substance abuse, or who have been declared judicially incompetent, may not be allowed to completed the clinical requirements for the degree or obtain a medical licensure even with successful completion of the degree requirements. The licensing board may not grant the graduate’s medical license resulting in the inability to obtain a license and therefore the inability to practice as a Respiratory Therapist. Applicants who have any questions about their admissibility to the Health Professions programs may contact the Director of each department for further information or the Health Professions Academic Advisor.

Excerpt from the Medical Practice Act: 17-95-307. License eligibility: No person shall be eligible to receive or hold a license to practice medicine or another health care profession issued by the Arkansas State Medical Board if the person has pleaded guilty or nolo contendere or has been found guilty of either an infamous crime that would impact his or her ability to practice medicine in the State of Arkansas or a felony or a misdemeanor, regardless of whether the conviction has been sealed, expunged, or pardoned.

Excerpt from the Medical Practice Act: 17-95-308. Waiver. (a) The requirements of § 17-95-307 may be waived by the Arkansas State Medical Board upon the request of: (1) An affected applicant for licensure; or (2) The person holding the license subject to revocation. (b) The board may consider the following circumstances when considering a waiver, including, but not be limited to: (1) The age at which the crime was committed; (2) The circumstances surrounding the crime; (3) The length of time since the crime; (4) Subsequent work history; (5) Employment references; (6) Character references; and (7) Other evidence demonstrating that the applicant does not pose a threat to the health or safety to the public.  (Arkansas State Medical Board. (2018). retrieved from: