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Media & Journalism

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Earn a certificate in media at NWACC and learn how to gather information through interviews and research and craft fair and balanced stories for publication, broadcast or online. The obligation of journalism is to seek the truth and be loyal to the citizens of free societies.

You will also have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning by becoming a staff member for the Eagle View, the college's student newspaper. 

Many of NWACC's journalism courses carry transfer credit to four-year institutions and can fulfill general education requirements. Connect with your academic advisor for more details. 

By pursuing an education in media and journalism, you may find employment opportunities as a reporter, photojournalist, documentary-filmmaker, lobbyist, grant writer and many more. 

Academic Paths

NWACC offers a certificate of proficiency and a technical certificate in media. View the academic paths below to see which courses are required to earn a certificate.

View the courses required to earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Media.

View the courses required to earn a Technical Certificate in Media.