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Dental Assistant Program Coursework

NWACC provides students with a road map to become a Registered Dental Assistant. Below is the required coursework to earn your certificate and begin your career in health care. 

Due to the nature of this program, dental assistant classes are offered only in a face-to-face setting at NWACC's Fayetteville location. There are no prerequisites for the Dental Assistant Program.

ENGL 1013 Composition I

All hours for this semester MUST be taken together.

DNTA 1014 Dental Science I
DNTA 1113 Clinical Dentistry
DNTA 1213 Dental Assisting Procedures I
DNTA 1313 Dental Materials I
DNTA 1413 Dental Radiography I
DNTA 1512 Preventive Dentistry

Honors and Global Studies courses will meet degree requirements where applicable.

All hours for this semester MUST be taken together.

DNTA 1023 Dental Science II
DNTA 1128 Clinical Practice and Research *
DNTA 1223 Dental Assisting Procedures II
DNTA 1322 Dental Materials II
DNTA 1422 Dental Radiography II

* For the core component of DNTA 1128, students are required to complete 120+ hours of internships at local dental offices, dental labs, or other dental experiences. Their time is divided into three (3) sessions of five (5) weeks each. Each session is done in a different office (unless approved to remain in the same office) and has a requirement of 40 hours attendance. 

Students will journal about their experiences. Offices provide feedback and grade input at the end of each session.

Upon completion of the program, students receive a Technical Certificate in Dental Assisting. Students with additional hours may qualify for an Associate Degree in General Studies with the Dental Assisting hours fulfilling the elective credit requirements.

Students also receive information on how to apply for the Arkansas Registered Dental Assisting Permit through the Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners (a separate process and is not included in the program costs).