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CRA Events

Each semester, NWACC's Certified Retail Analyst program hosts a variety of career readiness events that connect you with experts in the retail and supplier industry and connects the experts with talent that is workforce ready. View event information below to learn more.  

Night at NWACC

Graduating CRA students present their final analytical project to peers and business leaders from the industry. The audience is given an opportunity to ask students questions about their project. This event sharpens students' analytical skills, critical thinking and presentation skills.

Career Development

CRA students learn from local professionals about their companies, available roles and how to develop the skills necessary to move into these roles. These types of events include Fortune 500 companies such as Nestle, Purina and Procter & Gamble.

Guest Speakers

The CRA program frequently hosts guest speakers. David O’Neil, co-author of Business Insights: How to Find and Effectively Communicate Golden Nuggets in Retail Data, is a frequent speaker. David gives students a glimpse into interpreting analytical graphs and how to choose a graph that best represents the data and tells the complete story.


Volunteer for a CRA Event

Retail and supplier industry professionals are encouraged to volunteer at CRA events at NWACC. In addition to being a rewarding experience, it is an opportunity to network with other professionals and meet up-and-coming talent. 

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