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View the policies below to ensure a successful completion of the Certified Retail Analyst program.

Call 479-936-5171 or email retail@nwacc.edu to make sure you meet the appropriate prerequisites and have submitted the required documents prior to registration.

  • Individuals enrolled in the Certified Retail Analyst Program will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, or F
  • This is based on a 10-point grading scale, where 90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, and 59 and below=F.
  • A grade of C or better for all classes is required for successful course completion.
  • Students are graded based upon coursework, exams, projects, participation, and attendance.
  • Students must also receive a satisfactory grade of C or better in the Retail Analytical Techniques class in order to receive certification as a Retail Analyst.

  • Students are expected to attend every class for which they are registered, but a minimum of 80% class attendance is required to complete the attendance requirement.
  • Absences may be excused if the instructor is contacted in advance with all missed assignments being completed.
  • Excused absences due to emergencies will require documentation.

  • A request to drop or withdraw from a class must be made no later than three business days prior to the first class meeting. Students should complete the Drop/Withdrawal form by signing and dating it.
  • Students can deliver the completed form three ways:
    • Mail it (if time permits) to NWACC Workforce Development: One College Drive, Bentonville, AR 72712.
    • Email it to retail@nwacc.edu.
    • Fax it to 479- 936-5198
  • Refer to the NWACC academic calendar for last date to withdraw from the Retail Analyst Program classes to receive a “W” on transcript.

Drop/Transfer Form

  • Students may be eligible for a refund if they  drop from classes within the specified refund periods according to college policy.
  • College refund policy can be found here.
  • Full refunds will be issued for drop requests received prior to the first class meeting.
  • After the first class meeting, refunds will be issued on a prorated basis.
  • Tuition and class fees paid by cash, check, or credit card will be refunded by check and mailed in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
  • All refund checks will be mailed to students.