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Study or Intern Abroad with NWACC Partners


Study Abroad with NWACC Partners

Students have the option to study abroad with third party providers that have partnered with NWACC. These providers offer a variety of destinations and programs beyond NWACC's faculty-led programs.

Providers assist, host and simplify the study abroad process and allow students to take courses with other international students from the U.S. and the world. NWACC faculty members and additional NWACC students typically do not attend the third party study abroad program with you.

Provider programs range in length from three weeks to a full semester or an academic year. Due to the length of time and immersion, they typically cost more than NWACC faculty-led trips. Students can apply for program scholarships to assist in study abroad expenses. 

As an NWACC student, you can travel with one of these third party providers to countries such as Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, Spain, France, India and more.

Intern Abroad with NWACC Partners

Students can also pursue a more hands-on learning experience through an internship abroad. To participate in an international internship, students must pursue the following steps:

  • Find an internship of interest through an NWACC third party partner. 
  • Confirm with your academic advisor that the internship can be approved for credit.
  • Get internship approved by the academic division dean, international programs, and the Chief Academic Officer.  

Internship Third Party Providers:


Get Credit for Course or Internship Abroad

Before preparing to study or intern abroad through a third party provider, make sure to meet with your academic advisor and confirm that your course or internship will be approved for credit.

Print and fill out the International Internship Application Form and the Pre-Travel Credit Checklist Form and bring to your advisor meeting.