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Coming this Spring: Educational Certainty Amidst a Pandemic

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2020 has been a year of disruption, adaptation and resilience, especially for those determined to pursue a college education. Balancing class, work and your personal life, all within the unsettling confines of a pandemic, can be very challenging, so NWACC is determined to offer certainty this spring. You can expect a continuation of the same flexible and affordable class options, helpful support services, and safe and responsive campus environment.

Flexible & Affordable Class Options

NWACC will offer the same flexible class options as offered during the fall 2020 semester. These include On-Campus & Online Scheduled Time, Online Scheduled Time and Online Anytime.

  • On-Campus & Online Scheduled Time: This type of class is offered through a hybrid approach, where instruction is on campus and face-to-face with social distancing and face coverings as well as streamed live. You are able to ask questions and participate in discussions in real time.

  • Online Scheduled Time: This type of class is offered online through a video conferencing tool at a scheduled time. The class is streamed live and you are able to ask questions and participate in discussions as well.

  • Online Anytime: This type of class is offered through online technology and NOT at a scheduled time. Instructors are available to answer questions by email or other conferencing technology.

This spring 2021, NWACC will continue to offer an affordable and accessible higher education by NOT increasing tuition and fees, and connecting you with financial aid options such as grants and scholarships.


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Helpful Support Services

To find enrollment support, whether it’s connecting with your advisor or getting help with financial aid, student records or admissions, you can schedule an appointment, join the virtual line and connect with an NWACC staff member.

To access additional academic support that you may need to be successful in your courses, NWACC has made numerous student resources accessible online and in-person by appointment. Whether you need guidance on a research paper from the Writing Center, want to check out materials from the library, get help with your homework from the Math Center or Tutoring Center, or need counseling services to help with anxiety and stress, you can find the support you seek at NWACC.

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Safe and Responsive Campus Environment

NWACC responded to the risk of COVID-19 and the need to reduce exposure by implementing safety measures on campus - which has kept fall COVID-19 cases down significantly - and will continue to do so this spring. All college members are required to wear masks and to social distance whenever possible, hand sanitizer dispensers are available in every building, and the college’s facilities crew will continue to regularly disinfect common areas.


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Help protect each other by remembering FACE, HANDS and FEET.

  • FACE- It is mandatory to wear a face covering over one’s mouth and nose at NWACC, especially in public spaces.
  • HANDS - Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your face with unwashed hands, and cover coughs/sneezes with a tissue or inside of your elbow.
  • FEET- Remain 6 feet from others.

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Apply this Spring

Feel assured that your higher education at NWACC – whether it’s pursuing an associate degree or job training - will continue to be attainable. Confidently move your college plans forward by visiting or text/call NWACC Enrollment Services at 479-309-5532.

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