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International Community Trips Help NWACC Students Study Abroad

September 19, 2019

The NWACC Foundation has plans to continue to coordinate with NWACC professors to grow the international community trips, and in return, continue to raise scholarship funds so more college students can study abroad. Learn more about international community trips on our blog.

New NWACC Buildings to Offer Expanded Offerings to Students

September 18, 2019

This fall, NWACC's new Integrated Design Lab was completed and now holds classes in art, construction and design. The Washington County facility is scheduled to open in spring of 2020.

Students Study in Greece and Italy with Help of Scholarships

August 29, 2019

With the help of study abroad scholarships, NWACC students Gabrielle Lampson and Bradi Matlock studied in Greece and Italy this summer. Learn more on our blog.

Integrated Design Lab to Inspire Artistic Form & Function

July 23, 2019

Director of Construction Technology and Building Sciences Ray Taylor and 3D Art Specialist Matt Meers recently toured the construction site of the new Integrated Design Lab (IDL) on the NWACC Bentonville campus. Learn more about the new lab scheduled to open in the Fall on our blog.

English for College & Career Courses Go Beyond Grammar for Linguistically Diverse Students

June 25, 2019

NWACC students, Arivanandan Annamalai and Renato Betim, have not only experienced growth in their English communication and writing skills, but in their personal lives. Read the NWACC blog to learn more.

Mother & Daughter Alumnae Believe New NWACC - Washington County Will Make College More Accessible

June 12, 2019

Mother and daughter alumnae, Kelly and AJ, believe the new NWACC - Washington County building will make college more accessible. Learn more about the new facility opening in spring 2020 on our blog.

Student Flourishes in Honors & Earns U of A Fellowship

June 03, 2019

NWACC honors student Reece Hodgson moved from England to Arkansas at the age of 16. At the age of 17, he graduated from NWACC with his general education requirements completed and a University of Arkansas (U of A) Fellowship. Learn more about Reece on our blog!

Age or Cost Doesn't Stop Student from Studying in Italy

May 28, 2019

NWACC alumna Carrie and her daughter, Isabell, studied abroad in Italy last summer. Learn more about Carrie's experience and what convinced her to take the jump and study abroad as a nontraditional student.

CRA Program Prepares Students to Enter the World of Retail

May 20, 2019

NWACC alumna, Nell Moore, participated in the college’s Certified Retail Analyst (CRA) program in 2018 and quickly broke into the retail and supplier industry. Learn more on our blog.

DACA Student Participates in Bentonville Film Festival as a Student Media Creator

May 17, 2019

NWACC communications student and DACA recipient, Diego Escobar, recently participated as a student media creator for the Bentonville Film Festival (BFF). He joined fellow NWACC students, Courtney Boyd, Amber Karnish and Amanda Thattanakham in photographing the inclusion-focused event and producing content for the BFF social media platforms. Read our blog to learn more about his experience.