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Coming This Fall: Safe Campus & Classes

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NWACC plans to welcome new and current students this fall with three principles in mind – feel safe on campus, safe in the classroom and safe from discrimination.

Safe Campus

As you step back onto campus, faculty and staff will be eager to greet you with smiling masked faces, excessive waves from a social distance, and plenty of individual guidance to classrooms, student services and various programs. You will expect to see hand sanitizer dispensers in every building and the college’s facilities crew regularly disinfecting common areas. Although the new safety measures may take some practice, they’ll quickly become the campus norm that will help reduce the spread of illness throughout the college community.


Safe Classes

Whether you're anxious about returning to campus or eager to get back into the classroom, NWACC is ready to accommodate all students with a variety of class options. The college’s goal is to keep you safe and healthy without compromising your academic experience. Instruction will be offered on campus, online at a scheduled time and online anytime. 

Class options summarized:

On-Campus & Online Scheduled Time

Many labs and technical courses will include social distancing face-to-face instruction at a set time and on campus. Social distancing guidelines will limit the number of students in a classroom. Other courses will be offered through a hybrid approach which includes social distancing face-to-face instruction on campus and streaming instruction online.

Some examples of how this might be accomplished include:

  • When possible, offering larger classrooms to allow for social distancing.
  • Limiting the number of students allowed in individual classrooms and laboratories at one time.
  • Perhaps one-third of the students attend every third face-to-face class with the other two-thirds of the students streaming instruction online.
  • Classes will meet as scheduled with options to adjust modes of instruction.

Online Scheduled Time

Some courses will be offered to you online through a video conferencing tool at a scheduled time. The class will be streamed live and you will be able to ask questions and participate in discussions.

Some examples of how this might be accomplished include:

  • During a regularly scheduled class, you will be able to stream a live lecture and participate in discussions.
  • Classrooms will include camera technology that will allow you and other students to view the lecture in real time.
  • Classes will meet as scheduled with options to adjust modes of instruction.

Online Anytime

Many courses will be offered to you through online technology and NOT at a scheduled time. Instructors will be available to answer questions by email or other conferencing technology.

Safe from Discrimination

NWACC President Dr. Jorgenson leads the college in its commitment to not only provide community members equal access to a quality, safe education through modest tuition costs and financial aid, but provide an inclusive campus environment that embraces diversity, encourages participation, and rejects discrimination. 

Now more than ever, the college stands behind its commonly-used slogan...

There’s a place for you here.


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