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Jobs Withstanding the Pandemic and Only Requiring a Two-Year Associate Degree

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As COVID-19 swept the globe and disrupted our daily lives, industries experienced layoffs, temporary furloughs and reductions in hours, while others were deemed essential, and/or able to function remotely, and experienced an increase in job openings. Based on labor data provided by Emsi, occupations in fields such as health care , supply chain, computer information, teaching, etc., have endured and increased hiring since March. As the pandemic continues to persist and the job market remains threatened, such hiring trends may hold weight when making significant decisions regarding your future career or college plans.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a professional contemplating a career change, pursuing an in-demand job may be your next step in life. Fortunately, not all in-demand jobs require a four-year degree; many only require an associate degree – saving you time and money.

The following occupations are in-demand now and may not slow down for the foreseeable future.

Health Care:

Paramedics/Ambulatory Health Care Services  As the US continues to be hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, highly-trained emergency medical services professionals such as paramedics are typically the first on the scene and ready to serve. As a paramedic, you’ll respond to emergency medical assistance, assess patients’ conditions and provide treatment and life-saving care. The job can be rigorous and demanding, but you’ll make a difference in many people’s lives.

Nursing - Although the coronavirus caught many of us off guard, nurses were already on the job trying to contain the illness and its effects on our population. As a nurse, your presence on the front lines is one of our country’s greatest defenses against disease. Many of your responsibilities include working directly with patients, observing and recording behavior and symptoms, performing physical exams and diagnostic tests, administering medications, as well as educating and counseling patients and their families.

Respiratory Therapist  Experts agree that now more than ever as COVID-19 attacks the lungs and respiratory system of so many, the role of a respiratory therapist is vital to the health of our nation. Respiratory therapists (RT) are helping COVID-19 patients and many others suffering from pulmonary disease stay alive. As an RT, you’ll have a broad knowledge of the pathophysiology of the cardiopulmonary system and the procedures required to diagnose and treat patients. A few of the responsibilities of respiratory therapists include examining patients, performing chest exams, analyzing tissue specimens, managing life support mechanical ventilation systems and many others.

Health Information Systems - The health care community relies heavily on effective information management and accurate data reporting to be able to continue to learn more about COVID-19 and reduce the impact of the virus. As a health information management (HIM) professional, you’ll ensure accurate documentation, data capture, data analysis and reporting, as well as coding to support medical care and organizational management as well as public health management and scientific research.

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Supply Chain and Logistics:

Supply Chain Logisticians – As COVID-19 spread from continent to continent, the national and global supply chain experienced major changes and slowdowns in freight movement, which impacted the ability to deliver products – such as medical supplies and food - to companies and consumers. The effects have been disastrous for all involved, from manufacturers and distributors to retailers and consumers. Highly proficient supply chain managers and logisticians are needed to quickly find solutions to these problems. It’s highly likely that the demand for supply chain managers will remain high even after the worst of the pandemic is over. Having experienced one of the worst global crises, companies will likely continue to hire such experts to ensure they’re prepared for future supply chain disruptions.

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Computer Programming:

Computer Programmers - COVID-19 has altered our every-day interactions with family, friends, coworkers and the general public, whether it’s planning to visit a loved one, meeting with a coworker, attending a class, running errands, or celebrating a birthday. Our in-person plans have evolved into virtual meet-ups and computer technology has been vital to keeping us distant and safe. Video conference platforms, telehealth apps and classroom live streaming are just a few technology needs in high-demand. Computer programmers play an important role in implementing software used to fulfill the nation-wide need to continue to operate and be productive during and after a pandemic.

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Entrepreneur / Business:

Entrepreneur - Although uncertainty may not seem like the prime arena for starting a business venture, new companies are slowly forming and finding opportunity despite the pandemic. As many business owners would agree, when life changes occur, whether they are positive or negative, new needs arise, and your business’ goal is to fill those customers’ needs. COVID-19 has created opportunity for many entrepreneurs, whether it’s low interest rates for borrowing start-up capital, sourcing discounted equipment or product from companies going out of business, or greater access to a talent pool of unemployed professionals. Finding innovative methods and creative design solutions to customer problems during a pandemic – educating their children, working remotely, entertaining the family, staying local, obtaining mental health care – and the ramifications of surviving a pandemic will be the key to your success.

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