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Honors Courses

NWACC's honors courses stimulate higher level thinking by offering unique perspectives that will enhance general knowledge and challenge students to consider and appreciate different viewpoints. Because subject matter is studied more in-depth, students find that they get more out of their honors classes. 

You do not have to be a member of the Honors Program to enroll in Honors courses.  However, we recommend that you have a minimum 3.5 GPA or excel in the subject matter of the particular course in which you plan to enroll. 

Course Examples:


ASTR 2004H Survey of the Universe, Honors
BIOL 1544H Principles of Biology I, Honors
BOTY 1614H Honors Plant Biology
BOTY 2534H Honors Environmental Biology
CHEM 1104H College Chemistry I, Honors
GEOL 1114H Honors General Geology
PHYS 2014H College Physics I, Honors

Social & Behavioral Sciences

HIST 1033H World Civ to 1500 Honors
HIST 1043H Honors World Civ Since 1500

HIST 2003H History of American People to 1877, Honors
HIST 2013H History of American People Since 1877, Honors
PHIL 2003H Intro to Philosophy, Honors
PHIL 2033H Honors World Religions
PLSC 2003H American National Government, Honors
PSYC 2003H General Psychology, Honors
SOCI 2033H Honors Social Problems
SOCI 2013H Honors Sociology

Communication and Arts

ARHS 1003H Art Appreciation, Honors
ART 2113H Honors Painting II
COMM 1303H Public Speaking, Honors
ENGL 1013H Composition I, Honors
ENGL 1023H Composition II, Honors
ENGL 2113H Survey, Brit Lit to the Romanticism, Honors
ENGL 2123H Survey, Brit Lit from the Romanticism, Honors
ENGL 2213H Survey World Lit to 1650, Honors
ENGL 2223H Survey of World Lit from 1650, Honors
ENGL 2323H Survey, American Lit from Civil War, Honors
HUMN1003H Honors Exploring the Humanities

HUMN 2003H Intro to Gender Studies, Honors
MUSI 1003H Music Appreciation, Honors
THTR 1003H Honors, Intro to Theatre


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Honors classes are not offered at night. However, several are offered online.

Honors Courses