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If you are not currently attending NWACC, but want to register for summer or fall course(s), you can complete the pre-requisites form to request a pre-requisite override into any course(s) needed. 

If you are currently enrolled in the pre-requisite, you must submit an unofficial transcript via the dropbox and must submit a final transcript one week prior to classes beginning. Failure to do so will result in being dropped from the course. Submit your unofficial transcript(s) to

Unofficial transcripts are accepted for pre-requisite purpuses as long as they have the student’s name and the college name and/or watermark and/or URL on the transcript. Developmental/zero level courses are not accepted for credit. However, they may be used as a pre-requisite course for registration purposes.

Pre-requisite Override Form

Transfer School
Courses you are needing to enroll in (check all that apply)
CRN Number(s) for requested classes:
5 Digit Course Number from the Schedule of Classes.
Semester requesting class