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Community Courses
Financial Wellness

Community Courses
Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Community Courses

Financial expert Patricia Nuovo will be hosting a series of FREE financial wellness courses at NWACC. Courses are designed to help individuals make the best decisions about their personal finances.

Feel free to view the course descriptions below and sign up to attend any of these free courses.

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Course Descriptions:

Caring for the Caregiver

Caregiving for a loved one is not always a role that one plans or signs up to do. Caregiving can be a rich and rewarding experience yet stressful. This class will discuss some basics of maintaining balance between your own needs and the needs of others. 


A Guide to Medicare

Medicare is a broad program of health insurance designed to assist the nation's elderly to meet hospital, medical and other health costs. Medicare is available to most individuals 65 years of age and older. This class is a guide to learn the basic terminology and features of Medicare.


Maximizing your Social Security Benefits

Deciding which Social Security benefits to take and when to take them is one of the most important and complex decisions you must make. Learn the basics of social security and what information will help you navigate this retirement benefit.


Credit Score 101

A credit score is just a 3-digit number, but it can have a significant impact on our financial life. Understanding your credit score can help you assess whether it may need some work, understand the factors that affect your score, and identify how to improve it over time.


7 Ways to Boost Your Savings

Although saving money takes some effort, it may be easier than you think. There may even be “free” money available that can help. We will go over 7 easy tips to increase your savings and build an emergency reserve account.

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