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Prepare for Test Day

Not every test is created the same. Some may vary by time, registration and cost. Check out the following information to help your prepare for test day. 

Note: All exams, require an appointment to test. Please contact the Testing Center for information about scheduling your exam.

Masks are required and must be worn the entire time you are in the testing center.

NWACC Testing Center is a weapons free zone. Please leave your weapon in your vehicle.

If NWACC is closed, the Testing Center is closed.  Notifications are posted on the NWACC homepage. 

What to Bring for Testing

To ensure your test day goes smoothly, please remember to bring the following:

  • A valid photo ID (testing policies)
  • Your login information if you are taking an exam through Canvas, My Math Lab, VHL Central, etc.
  • Approved testing items such as calculators, note cards, etc.
    • All unapproved items will be locked up before you can start your exam. Know what your instructor approves!

What Not to Bring for Testing

In order to maintain our national accreditation and adhere to rules put forth from our testing companies, the below items must be secured in a locker or left in your vehicle before you can test.

Failure to comply with securing these items means that your test will not be administered.

Items include:

  • All electronic devices (except an approved calculator)
  • Gum, food, or beverages
  • Nothing is allowed in your pockets
  • All bags, hats, notebooks, textbooks, etc., must be stored during your test.
  • Unattended minors are not allowed on campus. They cannot wait for you in the lobby area on the third floor or in the Testing Center lobby.