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NWACC Testing Policies

Make note of the following policies before visiting NWACC's Testing Center for a testing session. Also, only the student taking the test will be permitted into the testing room - no visitors or children allowed.

Acceptable photo ID forms include:

  • Driver's license-state ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • High school ID issued within the last two years
  • NWACC photo ID if you are a current student

Unacceptable photo ID forms include:

  • Photo ID's from other colleges and universities
  • Bank cards
  • Library cards
  • Temporary DMV license and/or ID card unless used to supplement expired ID card
  • Photocopies of identification or electronic versions

Exam results cannot be received by telephone or fax.

Dictionaries, calculators, or other study aides are not permitted for use at any time on the English, ESL, and math tests. If you use these items, your exam session will end, and your results will become invalid. 

All electronic devices with the exception of approved calculator are prohibited.  This includes cell phones, watches, smart watches, iPads, laptops, blue tooth headsets and all fitness trackers.

No gum, food, or beverages and nothing is allowed to remain in your pockets.

You will not be allowed to charge any electronic devices while testing.  

Our staff is not allowed to disclose whether a student is testing or still in the testing room. 

While you are testing, the NWACC Student Code of Conduct should be followed, and any violations could result in disciplinary actions.