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LGBTQ+ Ally Network

Being an ally on LGBTQ+ issues is the process of working to develop individual attitudes, institutions and culture in which gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people feel they matter. In doing so, allies also work to end homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism. Allies identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, cisgender or heterosexual. 

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What an Ally Does

  • Develop an understanding of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Is comfortable with their knowledge of gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Is comfortable saying the words "gay", "lesbian", "bisexual" and "transgender"
  • Understands how patterns of oppression operate
  • Is willing to identify oppressive acts and challenge the oppressive behaviors of others
  • Is an ally to all oppressed groups
  • Represent the needs of LGBTQ+ individuals, especially when they are unable to do so themselves
  • Teaches others about the importance of LGBTQ+ issues and encourages others to also provide advocacy
  • Is aware that they may be called the same names and be harassed in a similar ways to those whom they are defending
  • Works to address/confront individuals without being defensive, sarcastic or threatening


Steps to Becoming an Ally to LGBTQ+ People​

  • Become aware of who you are and how you are different from and similar to LGBTQ+ people. Such awareness can be gained through conversations with LGBTQ+ individuals, reading about LGBTQ+ people and their lives, attending awareness building workshops and meetings, and by self-examination.​  
  • Become educated on the issues, knowing facts, statistics, laws, policies and culture of LGBTQ+ people.​ 
  • Encourage and promote an atmosphere of respect. Acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate differences among individuals and within groups. Be a safe and open person to talk with. 
  • Teach, share your knowledge. Action is the only way to change society as a whole. Stand up for and fight for human rights.​ 

  • Join the campus Pride Pal Ally Network.​