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LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Resources

NWACC offers numerous on and off-campus resources for faculty and staff to learn about the importance of inclusivity. View the information below to learn more.   


Faculty are encouraged to examine their syllabi. Depending on your area, examine your syllabi to see whose perspectives are missing.

  • For example, if you teach a U.S. history course, do you include major LGBTQ+ events (e.g., Stonewall Riots)? If not, how could you include those events so that all students see themselves in the curriculum? 

Use thoughtful, inclusive language. Use gender-inclusive terminology when talking to students until a student discloses a label, pronoun, etc. for others involved.

  • For example, using "partner" instead of boyfriend /girlfriend /husband /wife" or "hello everyone," instead of "hey guys/ladies." 

Include your pronouns on your syllabi and/or in your email signature. An easy and subtle way to show that you are an ally is to include your own pronouns underneath or next to your name on the syllabi, in your email signature, and/or on Canvas. 


Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are employee-led initiatives to increase engagement, retention and development of diverse talent. ERGs build community and a greater sense of belonging, and offer forums for employees to enhance their experience on campus and create a space where employee voices are welcome. 

NWACC employees are building an ERG with a purpose to build a supportive and affirming atmosphere for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and asexual (LGBTQ+) employees and allies and create opportunities for its members and allies to connect personally and professionally.

It will also provide a network that supports the professional development of LGBTQ+ employees, facilitates recruitment and retention, builds community among LGBTQ+ employees, and works with senior leadership to develop policies and practices that positively impact LGBTQ+ people at NWACC.

It will celebrate the professional, social and cultural contributions of its members and sponsor activities and programs relating to LGBTQ+ identities and issues that empower, educate and unify the campus community.

Interested in joining? All employees, LGBTQ+ and allies are welcome. Join by using the online signup form.