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Checklist for New ECE Instructor Orientation

Faculty Liaisons – New instructor orientation must be done before the start of the semester. ECE instructors must be advised and introduced to the expectations, policies, procedures and best practices of your department. Please use the checklist below during your ECE faculty orientation. Please place your initials for each of the statements below. 

A copy of the final report will be sent to the faculty liaison and instructor.

All fields are required.
Instructor meets or exceeds academic credentials ot teach the course
The role of the Faculty Liaison has been explained to the instructor?
Instructor and Liaison have reviewed course objectives
Liaison reviewed discipline specific philosophies and/or pedagogy of the course
Instructor has received syllabus requirements and expectations
Liaison has approved course syllabus and a copy has been sent to the ECE office
Liaison has explained and discussed textbook policies and requirements
Liaison has provided course grading standards
Liaison has reviewed course assignments and assessments, to ensure that rigor and standards of achievement are the same as expected in on-campus courses