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Workforce Education

NWACC's Adult Education’s Workforce Education program combines instruction in language, literacy and math with related industry and transferrable soft skills, so as an employee, you can better retain your job or advance in your career.


The WAGE curriculum utilizes a common curriculum with all other counties in the state of Arkansas and assures that all Arkansas adult education students have a foundational understanding of digital skills, employability skills, and money skills. WAGE also assists you with career exploration, career-specific training, and interview strategies to assure that you have the confidence to showcase your newly acquired skillsets to potential employers.

Local Workforce Advisory Board: Through the WAGE curriculum, NWACC's Adult Education Center partners with local businesses to offer workforce training that meets current and escalating skill demands required of their employees. Employers collaborate with Adult Education to train employees in a customizable manner that maximizes labor skills.  

Integrated Education & Training 

Through the Integrated Education and Training (IET) program, NWACC's Adult Education responds to the changing demands of business and industry and prepares you for the workforce as you work simultaneously for your GED. By combining basic academic skills and career and technical training into an integrated curriculum, IET provides a pathway for you to quickly earn higher-paying jobs. 

IET offers: 

  • Integrated support services to help you succeed 
  • Instruction on basic skills in the context of the chosen vocational field 
  • Classes taught by instructional teams, pairing adult education instructors with instructors from professional-technical fields