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5 FREE Resources to Help You Succeed at College

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Whether it’s your first semester or your last at NWACC, there are a number of college resources that can provide you with a seamless path to success toward your academic goals and beyond. Suppose you need guidance on a research paper, help with punctuation and grammar, or a boost in understanding your math homework, you can find the support you seek at NWACC.

The following are five FREE resources to help you reach your fullest potential.


5 Free Resources to Help You Succeed at College


Assigned a research paper but not sure where to begin? Or just need a quiet space to study? Try NWACC’s Pauline Whitaker Library. Librarians are available to assist in navigating any research topic by offering you a vast collection of books, databases, research guides and tutorials. Enjoy a calming and quiet environment, as well as printing and scanning services, so you can complete your assignments, lab work and any other academic requirements. 

The library also partners with the writing center to offer free library-led literacy workshops that focus on topics such as MLA and APA formatting, pre-research tools and citation guidelines.

Students in the NWACC Library


Writing Center

Regardless of your major, writing assignments are a part of the college experience, and improving your writing skills will help you reach your academic goals and excel in your career. At the NWACC Writing Center, you’ll find friendly faculty members eager to assist you with learning about the writing process, offer helpful feedback, and teach you how to improve your writing skills. You’ll have the opportunity to master different research techniques, recognize and avoid plagiarism, and experience face-to-face consultations. If you aren’t able to stop in, feel free to request an email consultation.

The center also offers regular free workshops on topics such as grammar, punctuation and basic writing skills.

NWACC Students in the Writing Center


Math Center

NWACC’s Math Center offers a supportive environment where you can focus and work through challenging math problems with instructors who are subject experts. The center offers more than just helpful staff, but textbooks, graphing calculators and MyMathLab and ALEKS software to help you better understand math subjects ranging from prealgebra to calculus II.

View the math center's tutoring schedule to get help with topics such as graphing, equations, polynomials, quadratics and more.

  NWACC Students in Math Center

Tutoring Services

Improve your study habits and boost your confidence while getting your science, math and other subject questions answered by experienced student tutors located in the NWACC library. Face-to-face and online tutoring are available. You can easily live chat with tutors on Brainfuse within MyNWACC.

Typically, NWACC’s tutoring services are available throughout the week, even on Saturdays, and it’s a first-come, first-serve basis, so no appointment is necessary.

NWACC Student Being Tutored


Disability Resource Center

If you have a disability or medical condition that affects your access to classes, programs, facilities and services at NWACC, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) may be a great resource. The center offers a variety of academic accommodations and support services to eligible students, which are uniquely suited to an individual's needs. Services include sign language interpreting and alternative testing conditions, among many others. The DRC staff can also provide you with ongoing guidance and support throughout your time at NWACC.

For example, NWACC student, Jerry McCoskey, who has vision loss and is connected with the DRC, receives a range of support from the office, including access to a specialized software package that assists him with completing reading and writing assignments.

Feel free to reach out to the DRC to learn how they can support your needs as well.

NWACC Students 

These five resources are among the many that are available to students.
Learn about advising, veteran services, honors, study abroad and more by visiting nwacc.edu/studentsuccess.

You can also look for the CONNECTOR sticker outside office doors and around campus. They can help you identify staff and faculty who are ready and eager to connect you to the right resources.

Student Success Connector Sticker


There’s a Place for You Here.

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