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Computer Skills

As an online international student, you will be expected to understand the basics of how to use a computer, webcam, microphone and Microsoft Office Suite. All course-related assignments and college meetings with advising and the International Programs Center will consist of Microsoft Office applications in conjunction with your MyNWACC account.   

Improving your computer skills and preparing for online courses will help you use technology more effectively in your education. View the below resources to help you build computer skills and succeed in your online educational journey. 


Basic Computer Skills Resources

Keyboarding is a very helpful skill for completing assignments or participating in online learning activities. If you would like to improve your keyboarding skills, check out the available practice sites and tutorials: 

Office tools such as Microsoft Office or Google Drive are a necessary part of online learning. Over time you will become very familiar with how they function and will learn how to use many of their capabilities. It is required of all online international students to be fluent in Microsoft Office and Teams in order to be successful at NWACC's academic coursework.  

Maintaining a healthy collection of notes has shown many times that it will lead to higher grades and success in the academics. Understanding how to use Microsoft OneNote can help you keep your ideas and lessons in order for future assignments and exams.  

Understanding basic operating system functions will enable you to manage the information on your desktop or laptop.  

Some examples of common functions are using dual screens, minimizing windows, saving to the desktop and creating shortcuts. If you would like to improve your understanding of basic operating system functions, check out the tutorials below: 

Using a mobile device can be an effective means of quick communication in relation to college emails and advising sessions via the app version of Microsoft Teams. However, a computer will be required for your coursework.