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Emergency Alerts & Notifications

During emergency situations and for important announcements such as inclement weather and campus closings, NWACC uses three systems to alert students and employees: LiveSafe, BCAlert and Everbridge. Learn more about these systems below.


The LiveSafe application allows you to take action quickly and easily from your smartphone. From sharing information on concerning behavior to reporting safety hazards, the LiveSafe platform delivers two-way, real time interactions with NWACC's Police and Public Safety Department, This includes location-tagged text, calls and photos. 

LiveSafe allows you, as a member of NWACC's community, to actively contribute to the safety of the campus environment by reporting suspicious activity quickly and easily. It will connect you via phone or two-way chat, so you can use it discretely if needed. NWACC can also use LiveSafe to share emergency notifications to users for important announcements.

Download LiveSafe app:

  • Download the “LiveSafe” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Register and fill out your profile.
  • Select NWACC.
  • Enable push notifications for LiveSafe
    • It will only send you emergency notifications, never spam. Without push notifications enabled, NWACC can’t send you important emergency messages. 
  • You’re set!

Once you’ve installed the LiveSafe app, make sure to keep it updated so you always receive important notifications and have full access to the app’s functions. 

View PDF for steps on how to add the LiveSafe app to your phone.

BCAlert System (Benton County) 

Benton County has an enhanced BCAlert (Genesys Protect) emergency warning system, which NWACC is authorized to use to convey important messages. BC Alert is a FREE, publicly available system that forewarns easily and conveniently, providing information about dangerous weather, emergency situations, and/or an emergency campus closure.

BCAlert provides critical information during emergencies, with official notifications from local public safety and emergency managers, both from NWACC and Benton County Emergency Management.

These alerts notify users of where to go, what to do, how to stay informed and are available by text, email, cell phone and landline phone. The ability to receive messages by text on your cell phone allows BCAlert to remain functional in times of poor cell phone service, even when you cannot receive a call. 

Sign up for BCAlert:

  • Go to www.bcalert.com
  • Create an account or login to your existing account
  • From the menu icons on the left side of the screen, select preferences on how to receive  alerts, such as via cell, computer or home phone.
  • Choose the types of emergency alerts you want, ranging from community information, severe weather alerts, to major emergencies.
  • To receive notifications specific to the Benton County NWACC campus, enter One College Drive, Bentonville AR 72712 as one of your selected addresses. Using this address will also provide notifications to the 8th Street location.

Once an account has been created, take note of the username and password.  Notification preferences may be changed by a user at any time. NWACC does not store this information. If you have forgotten your login credentials, you will need to select this option on the BC Alert login page.

View PDF for steps on how to create a BCAlert account.


Everbridge (Springdale)

Everbridge Mass Notification system enables those in Springdale to receive notifications/alerts via text message or voice message. This comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during and after all events.

Everbridge will tell you what to do and how to stay informed in emergency situations occurring in and around the NWACC-Washington County location in Springdale.

Sign Up for Everbridge:

Visit www.springdalear.gov/425/Sign-Up-for-Alert-Notifications from your smart phone or computer and click the “here” link to sign up for alert notifications and download this free app.

Helpful Tips:

  • Control how many alerts you get by choosing as many or as few alerts as you wish.
  • Sign up for multiple locations (example, your home location, work location and NWACC’s Washington County Center.
  • In addition to your cell phone, you can select to receive notifications on your home phone (voice call) or by e-mail.
  • Update your selections at any time if you would like to receive fewer or more notifications.

View PDF for steps on how to add the LiveSafe app to your phone.



Questions about BCAlert or LiveSafe? Contact Risk Management Department at prc@nwacc.edu