Values and Strategic Goals | NorthWest Arkansas Community College

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NWACC's Values & Strategic Goals


  • Facilitate continuous learning for students and stakeholders
  • Cherish academic, professional and personal integrity
  • Respect our differences and view them as a strength
  • Advance knowledge through individual and team challenges
  • Anticipate and respond to needs by encouraging innovative ideas and technologies
  • Develop the potential of the individual to achieve excellence
  • Value human resources over physical resources

Strategic Goals

  • Increase student success
  • Provide quality programming and assessment
  • Support financial stability
  • Increase community outreach, support and relations
  • Support and enhance institutional operations
  • Improve land and facilities
  • Increase diversity and inclusion

College Ends Statements

NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) will become a premier educational provider in Northwest Arkansas by developing a responsive educational delivery system customized to the needs of learners and receiving organizations.

1. For the learner community, we will:

Provide expanded access to educational opportunities for the population in general, but especially for under-served learners in all age groups who are disconnected from education by choice or circumstance, and will actively support student retention and completion.

2. For the business community, we will:

Enhance partnerships and collaborations with business and industry through innovative approaches to design, and deliver training and education.

3. For the owner community (taxpayers), we will:

  • Enhance NWACC’s capacity to achieve its initiatives by diversifying its resource base.
  • Provide educational and comprehensive programs, services, and facilities to the owner community (taxpayers).

4. For the pre-kindergarten through grade 16 community, we will:

Forge a systemic linkage with P-16 and university partners to achieve “seamlessness” in curriculum, technology, learner support and service delivery.

5. For the college community, we will:

Align the organizational infrastructure of NWACC with college growth.