Values and Strategic Goals | NorthWest Arkansas Community College

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NWACC's Values & Strategic Goals


  • Facilitate continuous learning for students and stakeholders
  • Cherish academic, professional and personal integrity
  • Respect our differences and view them as a strength
  • Advance knowledge through individual and team challenges
  • Anticipate and respond to needs by encouraging innovative ideas and technologies
  • Develop the potential of the individual to achieve excellence
  • Value human resources over physical resources

Strategic Goals

  • Learner Community: Provide and continuously strengthen quality programs and processes that support student achievement and success.

  • Taxpayer Community: Strive to be effective and ethical stewards of taxpayer dollars by maximizing resources and containing costs to allow affordable tuition rates for our students.

  • College Community: Provide an open and transparent environment where students, staff, faculty, and alumni feel welcome, safe, valued, connected and informed.

  • Pre-K through Grade 16 Community: Develop, expand, and enhance collaborative partnerships with local K-12 and university partners.

  • Business and the Broader Community: Enhance partnerships with and provide support to local business, industry and the general public by offering innovative approaches to curriculum, training and other relevant services.


College Ends Statements

NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) will become a premier educational provider in Northwest Arkansas by developing a responsive educational delivery system customized to the needs of learners and receiving organizations.

1. For the learner community, we will:

Provide expanded access to educational opportunities for the population in general, but especially for under-served learners in all age groups who are disconnected from education by choice or circumstance, and will actively support student retention and completion.

2. For the business community, we will:

Enhance partnerships and collaborations with business and industry through innovative approaches to design, and deliver training and education.

3. For the owner community (taxpayers), we will:

  • Enhance NWACC’s capacity to achieve its initiatives by diversifying its resource base.
  • Provide educational and comprehensive programs, services, and facilities to the owner community (taxpayers).

4. For the pre-kindergarten through grade 16 community, we will:

Forge a systemic linkage with P-16 and university partners to achieve “seamlessness” in curriculum, technology, learner support and service delivery.

5. For the college community, we will:

Align the organizational infrastructure of NWACC with college growth.