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Develop a Service Learning Project

As an NWACC faculty or staff member, you are invited to add service learning projects to your classroom curriculum and student organization activities so students can apply learned principles to real-word service and further enrich their college experience. 

View the videos below to hear from NWACC faculty who have included service learning into their curriculum and activities and how they have benefited students. Also, feel free to browse the project resource links listed below as well.

Faculty include History Professor and former Service Learning Coordinator Chris Huggard, Science Professor and EMPACTS Facilitator Dianne Phillips, Sociology Professor Janet Dodd and English Professor Megan Looney-Hollingsworth. 

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Why Service Learning

Chris Huggard - Why Service Learning

Dianne Phillips - Why Service Learning

Janet Dodd - Why Service Learning

Megan Looney-Hollingsworth - Why Service Learning

Getting Started

Chris Huggard - Getting Started

Dianne Phillips - Getting Started

Janet Dodd - Getting Started

Megan Looney-Hollingsworth - Getting Started

How Students Benefit

Chris Huggard - How Students Benefit

Dianne Phillips - How Students Benefit

Janet Dodd - How Students Benefit

Megan Looney-Hollingsworth - How Students Benefit



Feel free to use these resource links to help you develop a service learning project, or email the Service Learning Coordinator ( to setup time for a conversation.

Service Learning Around Arkansas

Service Learning Academic Associations


Ready to Develop a Project?

If you're ready to develop a service learning project for students, email NWACC's Service Learning Coordinator at to set up a time for a conversation.