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NWACC Utilizes Workday to Streamline the Student Experience

To elevate student success, NWACC is moving most of the college's student-related systems to Workday - a simple, cloud-based mobile-friendly information system. This initiative is referred to as the Workday Student project  where many of the tasks (including applying to NWACC and registering for classes) that students, faculty and staff perform on a regular basis will be available at any time, from anywhere, and in one place – Workday.  

Students, faculty and staff can view the information below to understand what can be accomplished in Workday Student and how it’ll be different than NWACC’s previous systems.

Workday Student Logo and NWACC Logo

Learn about the student experience in Workday by viewing our demonstration video.



Students will use Workday Student to:

  • Register for classes and add, drop or swap classes
  • View your schedule
  • View your financial aid
  • Pay your bill or request a refund
  • View your grades and academic progress

Say Hello to:

  • A new profile in Workday that serves as your one-stop for all things student
  • A simplified interface that is easy to search for course offerings
  • Easily view and track your academic plans and progress – in one system

Say Goodbye to:

  • Cryptic language and codes to search for courses and track your progress
  • PDF forms and processes that require help to complete
  • Extra steps for each task


Faculty will use Workday Student to:

  • Find your teaching schedule
  • Check enrollments for course sections
  • View class rosters
  • Review advisees
  • View course descriptions and details
  • Enter and change final grades
  • And more

Staff may use Workday Student to:

  • Find and/or update student information
  • Complete tasks necessary for enrollment, registration, advising, financials, records and others
  • Support students in self-service required tasks

Say Hello to:

  • A single student information system
  • A simplified interface that is easy to search
  • Plain language descriptions​
  • More automated processes
  • Easily view tasks and your progress
  • Easily update personal information

Say Goodbye to:

  • Cryptic language and Banner codes
  • Numerous PDF forms
  • Hidden records
  • Extra steps for each process
  • Tasks and records located in separate systems​


Workday Student capabilities will roll out in milestones or phases beginning October of 2022 through July of 2023. Each milestone will expand student-centered modules within Workday.

Modules include: 

  • Curriculum   
  • Recruiting & Admissions 
  • Student Records 
  • Student Financials 
  • Academic Advising 
  • Financial Aid 


New students can apply in Workday. 

Apply to NWACC

Students are able to onboard in Workday and register for classes. Learn how to register. 

Register for Classes


To help you with the transition throughout the Workday Student phase, NWACC will be offering training sessions for faculty, staff and students, as well as step-by-step guides at times aligned with the student lifecycle. Training information and tools will be housed on the college’s internal Workday website on Microsoft SharePoint at www.nwacc.edu/WorkdayStudent.  

Be sure to stay informed on Workday progress by reading Workday emails in your NWACC inbox, visiting NWACC’s internal Workday site on Microsoft SharePoint at www.nwacc.edu/WorkdayStudent, and attending informational sessions.