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Career Services Assists Students and Alumni

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With graduation just around the corner, many students may be balancing classes and finals with job searches and potential career options. It can be a juggling act, but NWACC’s Career Services can help.

Even if graduation is still a few semesters away or you plan to transfer to a four-year college after NWACC, Career Services has resources that all students and alumni can tap into. You can easily make an appointment to get help with choosing a major or career, searching for a job, changing careers, or re-entering the workforce. Below are a few highlights of what they have to offer students and alumni.


Career Services Resources:

1) Career Assessment

Not sure what career may be the best fit for you? Career Services provides computerized, self-paced career assessment programs that can help you find the career that coincides with your interests and skillset.  

2) Job Board: College Central

Career Services offers access to a job board called College Central that holds over 1,000 job postings for work-study, internships, part-time and full-time positions for NWACC students and alumni. It’s available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Learn more about College Central.

3) Career Support

After you have an idea of the type of job you’d like to pursue, you can take advantage of Career Services’ wealth of materials. Their library consists of books, videos and magazines on various careers, how to write a resume and cover letter, interviewing tips, job searching methods and more.

4) Career Fairs & Events

Career Services also offers career fairs and networking opportunities to help you engage with potential employers, offers workshops on various topics such as dress for success, interviewing and creating a successful LinkedIn profile, and even opportunities to get professional headshots taken for resumes, email signatures and LinkedIn.  

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Interested in taking advantage of the above resources? Contact Career Services at for an appointment.