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Student Club Resources

Below are valuable resources to assist Registered Student Organizations with building and maintaining their club and making them successful.

Inter-Club Council (ICC)

A group established by the Student Ambassador and Government Association (SAGA) that includes representatives from every campus club. 

  • Every club is encouraged to have members attend the ICC meetings
  • Receive updates about SAGA funds
  • The ICC meets once a month and is a great place to hear what other campus clubs are doing and learn about opportunities available to organizations
  • Any club member or advisor is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings


Guidelines and Important Information for Requests for ICC

  • A budget of $2,000 is allocated for ICC's per semester, which means there are 10 requests for $200. Each club can only submit one request in the fall and one request in the spring
  • Requests funding dates
    • Fall - open the first day of fall classes unil three weeks before the end of the semester.
    • Spring - open the first day of spring classes unil the third Friday of April.
  • SAGA follows all college policies and procedures regarding budget.
  • Only approved clubs are allowed to make any requests.

Fund Request Form