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Integrated Design Program

By participating in NWACC’s Integrated Design program, you’ll make your creative passion your profession by building an educational foundation in artistic creativity, design-thinking principles, construction methods, and business practices.

Technical Certificate in Integrated Design

A Technical Certificate in Integrated Design brings together form and function in a way that shows value-added work toward your degree. Using the language and principles of design-thinking, you will learn how functional design can make a positive impact in your life, community and even the world. 

The certificate stands on its own or stacks into one of three degrees: an Associate of Fine Arts (AFA), an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Construction, or an Associate of Applied Science in Computer-Aided Design.

integrated design program

With an AFA, you’ll learn the fundamentals of art and creative methods. With an AAS in construction, you’ll gain knowledge in industry specific, technical and occupational subjects such as surveying and estimating. With an AAS in computer-aided design, you’ll learn how to create detailed drawings of buildings, structures, and construction site plans. With the addition of the integrated design certificate, you’ll understand various dimensions of design, its materials and methods.

Students who participate in programming at the IDL will be strongly encouraged to obtain a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certification as a supplement to their degree in Fine Arts or Construction Technology, and they will be given a space for the professional practices of merchandising and exhibition.


Feel free to submit an application to NWACC to pursue a degree in integrated design. 

Credit Student Application


The integrated design courses are designed to prepare you for design-related fields that require knowledge of artistic design, form and function principles, construction methods and business. 

ENGL 1013 Composition I
MATH 1003 Survey of Technical Math OR higher level math

ART 1323 3D Design
DRFT 1233 Engineering Graphics AND
CST 1313 Materials of Construction OR
CST 1323 Introduction to Craft Skills

Choose any THREE courses from the options below.

Visual Arts Options
ART 1303 Drawing I
ART 1313 Design I
ART 1333 Two Dimensional Design
ART 2203 Sculpture
ART 2343 Color Theory
ART 2603 Professional Practices in Fine Art

Construction Options
CST 2213 Construction Methods I
CST 2223 Construction Methods II
CST 2413 Estimating
CST 2513 Surveying
CST 2523 Project Scheduling
CST 2423 Construction Codes and Regs

Computer Aided Design Options
DRFT 2114 AutoCAD I
DRFT 2183 AutoCAD Civil
DRFT 2534 Parametric Modeling I
DRFT 2593 Modeling and Presentation


Certificate and Careers:

The technical certificate allows you to develop wide-ranging, creatively entrepreneurial, and multi-functional skill sets and provides you with a competitive edge when entering the design-related workforce. 

Careers Related to Integrated Design:

  • Tradeshow exhibit designs
  • Retail floor designs
  • Product and packaging design
  • Retail management and merchandising
  • Prototyping for fine arts exhibits and venues

The Integrated Design Program is made possible by National Science Foundation Award #1902298: Integrating Interdisciplinary Design Thinking.

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