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Thank you for joining our LIFE LIVE conversations! We are thrilled to have incredible LIFE supporters sharing tips for success with us all. Below, you will find some Frequently Asked Questions that our supporters put together JUST for you! You will also find links to the specific sites where you can find more information.

As always, do not hesitate to email and we'll be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan is where students can make smaller monthly payments toward their tuition/fees rather than paying all up front. They are available to students at the start of every semester.

How do I enroll in a payment plan?

First, log into your MyNWACC, select Treasurer -> Touchnet eServices. Once on Touchnet, you will see Enroll in Payment Plan or Payment Plan. You will need either a credit or debit card OR your checking account number and routing number (ACH).

Are there any fees associated with payment plans?

Yes. There is a one-time $30 enrollment fee (nonrefundable) for all payment plans and a convenience fee when using a debit or credit card.

What is the convenience fee?

Payments made by credit/debit cards will be assessed a 2.85% convenience or service fee. To avoid this fee, students have the option to pay with an ACH payment (electronic check) or at the cashier window with cash, personal check, money order, or cashier check.

Can I pay my tuition and fees in full?

Yes, online via Touchnet or in person. The Treasurer's Office can only accept cash, personal checks, cashier checks or money orders at the window. All debit/credit card payments must be done online via Touchnet.

I’m showing a negative balance on Touchnet. What does that mean?

A negative balance indicates a potential refund. There was an overpayment either by your financial aid, scholarships, grants, etc.

How do I get my refund?

Students who have refunds will have the option of receiving a check to their mailing address or they can set up an electronic refund account via Touchnet.

How do I set up an Electronic Refund account?

First, log into your MyNWACC, select on Treasurer -> Touchnet eServices. Once on Touchnet, on the right hand-side, select Electronic Refund. You will first need to enroll in the Two-Step Verification then you will be asked to enter your routing and bank account number for your electronic refund. This is the quickest and easiest way to receive your refunds!

How do I view my billing statement for the semester?

Statements are available online via Touchnet under the statements tab, labeled as eBill Statements.

What is an Authorized User on Touchnet?

An Authorized User is someone the student gives permission to their Touchnet account. They can view your billing statements, account activity, 1098T statement, or account history and activity. Students will decide what the user can and cannot see. All you need is the authorized users email address. To set it up, select on Authorized Users -> Add Authorized User.

When is the payment due date?

Payment due dates can be found on each semester academic calendars. On the NWACC home page, select the calendar on the top right corner, near the Login button -> select General Term Dates under the term you are enrolled in. This will show you the payment due date and other important dates for the term.

When do I need to have my bill paid?

Every semester has a payment due date. The fall 2020 semester due date is August 17th, 2020.

 Do I have to have it paid in full by that date?

Students will need to have a payment plan or financial aid authorized by that date. Otherwise, yes, you will need it paid in full by that date.

 What happens if I don’t have anything done after the due date?

You will be dropped for nonpayment from all of your classes.

 Will I be able to re-register for those classes if I get dropped?

Yes, but you will need to set up a payment plan, or other payment options, on that day that you sign up for classes or risk being dropped again.

How do I submit outside scholarships?

You can either mail them to NWACC with ATTN: Diane Hanna, or upload them into your NWACC drop box. It’s important for Diane to get them so you don’t get dropped for non-payment. 

How does my outside scholarship apply to my bill?  

The donor will either send a check to the school or to you. If you receive one and it is made out to you and the school, you will need to sign the back and mail it to NWACC's Treasurer’s Office.  

 When will you receive my outside scholarship?  

When the donor sends it to NWACC.  

How will I know when my scholarship funds apply to my bill?

You will see it on your student account in your NWACC Connection.

Where can I find scholarships?  

The main NWACC Scholarship application opens December 1 for the next academic year. The majority of NWACC scholarships are in this cycle. Follow scholarship Instagram – nwaccscholarships and Facebook - NWACC Scholarship Resources.  New scholarship opportunities will be posted there.

I received a NWACC Scholarship, how do I get it?  

If you completed all of the follow-up requirements, the funds will be applied to your student account after the 10th day of classes. 

Will I have any money left after from my scholarship?

It is best to check with the Treasurer’s Office on this.  

What resources are available through the Writing Center to help students succeed? The Writing Center offers email consultations in which NWACC instructors/tutors provide feedback on student drafts of papers. Students complete a form on the Writing Center website and attach their draft.  A tutor will respond and return the draft with suggestions for improvement. Instructions are found on the website. Please take advantage of this valuable resource.

Face-to-face consultations are available by appointment. The student will meet with Mrs. Bach in BH 1004 at the appointed time to review the paper. All safety measures will be observed (including face coverings and social distancing). Please see the Writing Center website to make an appointment.

Three times a week, the Writing Center will offer a workshop on grammar, punctuation or basic writing skills. The workshop is presented remotely. There will be thirteen workshops throughout the semester. The workshop schedule and instructions can also be found on the Writing Center website. I hope you can join us.

All of the above resources are FREE to students. Please contact with any questions.