First Time International Student

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First Time International Student

As a first time international student requesting an F-1 Visa, you'll need to apply to NWACC and submit a number of documents. You'll then receive an acceptance letter. Read further to learn more about the application process and course requirements.  

Next Steps

To protect the privacy of your information and to comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations, we can no longer accept documents by email.

Once all admission items listed above are received and validated, we will award an acceptance letter and I-20 to the personal email address you provided on your application. The original paper documents are required at the U.S. embassy visa interview. In order to receive your official I-20 and acceptance letter, you must provide one of the three:

  • Complete an international mail request with UEMS - UEMS Instructions
  • Have a local family friend pick up the documents in our office. Provide name and date of birth.
  • Request mail inside the United States (Provide U.S. address).

Complete your I-901 SEVIS fee of $200 U.S. dollars (USD) for the I-20 form.

  • You will find your personal SEVIS ID# in the top-left corner of your I-20 form. This is NOT the same as your NWACC ID#.
  • Please make sure you print out your SEVIS fee receipt and take it with you to the U.S. embassy.

Complete your DS-160 Visa Application of $160 USD. You must have the following items prior to your Visa interview:

  • Passport
  • NWACC acceptance letter
  • I-20 document
  • I-901 fee receipt
  • DS-160 confirmation receipt
  • Passport size photograph
  • Education financing
  • High school transcript
  • Standardized tests (if applicable)
  • College transcript (if applicable)
  • English verification (if applicable)
  • Evidence of intent to return home

Course Expectations

NWACC and the United States government expects all F-1 and J-1 international students to enroll in a total of 12 credits per semester. Of those 12 credits, nine must be live on-campus coursework. 

You must complete your courses even if you are not doing well in a course. To protect your immigration status, the college recommends that you enroll in 15 credits each semester so you have the flexibility to drop a course if necessary.

The United States government allows NWACC to award an I-20 or DS-2019 for the duration of study that is expected for an associate degree. You will have an average of two years to obtain a college degree at NWACC. If needed, NWACC can grant an extension prior to the end of your ‘duration of status’.