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Honorary Associate Degree Nomination

NWACC's Board of Trustees periodically grants honorary associate degrees to recognize and celebrate outstanding service to the College and/or the community. The honorary degree is awarded to individuals who, beyond their normal occupational pursuits, exemplify a high caliber of service to enhance the quality of life. Any trustee, faculty member, alumnus, or interested individual may nominate an individual for this honor.

Nominee submission deadline is March 24, 2023.

Awarded in Five Areas

Educational Service - Recognizing outstanding service that enhances educational opportunities for the area or that gives personal assistance that leads to the success of individuals in higher education.

Humanitarian Service - Recognizing outstanding altruism that enhances the quality of life for others in the area.

Servant Leadership - Recognizing outstanding service that goes “the second mile” beyond the servant’s capabilities.

Arts and Letters - Recognizing outstanding contributions to the arts in any form that enhances the quality of life in the area.

Entrepreneurial Leadership - Recognizing outstanding contributions to business/industry through creative start-ups of new enterprises or through innovative management of business or industry.

Selection Criteria

The following will be considered by the board when selecting nominees for the honorary associate degree:

  • The nominee should be considered outstanding in his or her field and should be held in high esteem among those of the same profession.

  • The nominee should have given extraordinary service to the college or to the community (local, state, and national).

  • The nominee should wear the degree with dignity and distinction.

  • The less frequently honorary associate degrees are conferred and the fewer, the more significant will be the honor when it is given. In no case will there be more than two honorary associate degrees awarded in a year.

  • In every instance, the conferring of an honorary associate degree should be an acknowledgement and recognition of a history of loyalty to and support of the goals and objectives of the college on the part of the individual so honored.

  • Honorary associate degrees cannot be awarded to college faculty, staff, administration or sitting board members.

  • In absentia and posthumous honorary associate degrees shall be made only in exceptional circumstances.

Nominee submission deadline is March 24, 2023.


Please choose the honorary associate degree applicable to this nominee.
Feel free to attach documents that support your nomination.