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Certified Retail Analyst

Because of the unique retail and supplier community in Northwest Arkansas, NWACC is able to offer a Retail and Supplier Program to those interested in the industry or looking to enhance their retail career skills.

Here you can become a certified retail analyst or choose from a selection of courses that will help you continue advancing in your education and career. 

About the Program

Due to a partnership between Walmart, the supplier community, and NWACC, the Certified Retail Analyst program offers you a six course path to develop a proficiency in supply chain and retail fundamentals as well as data mining and analysis to create goals and recommended actions. This is a competency-based, retail industry training program that provides students with live access to Walmart's Retail Link Decision Support system as well as a "Day in the Life" analyst experience.

As a Certified Retail Analyst graduate, you will be qualified for entry level work as an analyst with Walmart and the supplier community. To date, 87% of our graduates report finding employment while in the program or within one year.