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Payment and Refunds

The Space Planning program adheres to NWACC's payment policies and options. View payment policies and options to learn more. 

Financial Assistance

View the information below to learn more about various financial assistance options.

Federal Financial Aid such as grants, loans, FAFSA do not cover non-credit programs. The Space Planning program is a non-credit program.

Students are eligible to apply for loans from or Sallie Mae. Students who apply for the Sallie May loan must choose the "Career Training School" option.

There are a number of community resources available that provide aid to parents, single parents, low-income and dislocated or displaced workers.

  • WIOA is a landmark legislation designed to strengthen and improve our nations public workforce, including youth and those with significant barriers to employment. Must be 18+ and meet WIOA income requirements and/or be a displaced or located worker to be eligible for WIOA benefits. Contact your Arkansas County Workforce Center to learn more. 
  • The Space Planning program is a VA approved program to students who can provide a Certificate of Eligibility. Students who provide a Certificate of Eligibility, our Veterans Resource Office will work with the VA in obtaining reimbursement for tuition costs. In addition, the Space Planning program is approved for Workforce Investment Act, which provides funds to address the employment and training needs of adults, dislocated workers and youth.

  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program is a Federal program that assists dislocated workers with opportunities to obtain the skills, resources, and support they need to become reemployed. 

  • Arkansas Rehabilitation Services (ARS) prepares Arkansans with disabilities to work and lead productive, independent lives through a variety of training and career preparation programs.

  • Single Parent Scholarship Fund works to help single parent families become financially stable and independent. 



Drop a Course / Refunds

View the information below to learn more about NWACC's course withdrawal and refund policies. 

  • A Drop/Transfer Form must be completed and signed by the student in order for a refund to be issued OR an email from the student must be sent to from their NWACC email account requesting a Drop/Transfer. 
  • No refunds will be granted by telephone request.
  • The signed Drop/Transfer Form may be e-mailed, mailed, faxed to 479-936-5198 or presented in person.
  • Allow at least three weeks for receipt of your refund check.
  • Refer to the NWACC Academic Calendar for the last day to from with 80% refund, 100% refund as well as drop with “W” dates.

Drop/Transfer Form

  • Students may be eligible for a refund if they drop from classes within the specified refund periods according to college policy.
  • College refund policy can be found here.
  • Full refunds will be issued for drop requests received prior to the first class meeting.
  • After the first class meeting, refunds will be issued on a prorated basis.
  • Tuition and class fees paid by cash, check, or credit card will be refunded by check and mailed in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
  • All refund checks will be mailed to students.