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Event Guidelines

NWACC facilities exist for the primary purpose of serving planned and scheduled educational programs. 

At times, when facilities are not needed for educational programs, they may be made available to the following for extra-curricular use:

  • Departments and other organizational units of the college
  • Organizations composed exclusively of faculty and staff
  • Organizations that exist solely for the benefit of the college
  • Recognized student organizations with the approval of the faculty advisor

The above also applies to off-campus centers that are available to NWACC internal groups, provided that the event is held within the hours of operation, and Public Safety is on site.    
When a facility is not in use for a scheduled educational activity or for an extra-curricular activity by one of the college organizations listed above, NWACC offers rental facilities for events that augment the college's role in providing community enrichment.

Organizations may rent NWACC facilities or campus grounds for events that provide educational or cultural enrichment or enhance the business climate for the greater good of northwest Arkansas. Private gatherings such as weddings or parties, political rallies, and sales events generally do not meet these criteria.

None of the off-campus centers are permitted to be used by external companies or organizations.
It's the college's objective to provide opportunities for the community to see and hear major leaders from the state, nation, and world. Speeches and debates by or on behalf of candidates for major state or national offices may be scheduled in NWACC facilities under arrangements, which allow reasonable opportunities for opposing candidates or points of view. NWACC neither supports nor opposes the views stated by and/or the candidacy of such individuals. Any speaker or non-college personnel must abide by NWACC's regulations and policies, and shall only speak in the room or area designated by the college.
Further, NWACC does not grant rental rights for educational activities that may be in direct competition with the college's current or potential offerings. Organizations planning to offer fee-based classes or seminars to persons outside of their organizations should coordinate with the college's Corporate Learning Division as a potential third-party educational provider.
NWACC retains discretion in applying the guidelines regarding use of the college's facilities by outside organizations. Furthermore, NWACC reserves the right at any time to terminate or deny use to an event when, in the opinion of college administration and security personnel, the event raises serious concerns for the safety and well-being of the college community and NWACC property.
No outside organization shall use the campus or facilities without first completing a Facility Use Agreement which requires a written description of the proposed use and then receiving authorization from the Events Specialist.

Review the list of specific guidelines.