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Made By Hand

Enjoy hands-on courses for the tangible learner! Kids can create their own tech accessories, fiber art piece, or a media-based project using their own iPhone photos and videos.


Course Descriptions & Schedule:

It’s all bling! Explore techniques and tools to make your own wearables. Learn about tech-based accessories and design for and use tools such as a 3D printer.

June 15 - June 19 | Ages 13 - 17 | Full Day (8am - 4:30pm)

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There’s a whole world of textiles out there – let’s explore! This camp will investigate various fiber-based techniques including felting, weaving, knit/crochet, etc.

June 22 - June 26 | Ages 13 - 17 | Full Day (8am - 4:30pm)

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Join this course to learn no-sew techniques for creating wearables and other fun items.

June 8 - June 12 | Ages 9 - 12 | Half Day (8am - 12pm)

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The art of M.C. Escher in the 21st century! learn how to sketch, design and 3-D print your own Escher-like tesselations. Then use designs to create a collaborative art mural with other campers.

June 8 - June 12 | Ages 9 - 17 | Half Day (1pm - 4:30pm)

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Join this course to learn about all the details that go in to making a thing - whether that thing be a paper airplane or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! The end of the week will culminate with kids taking home their own "How-To" books.

June 1 - June 5 | Ages 6 - 8 | Half Day (8am - 12:30pm)

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