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Kids' College Cancellation & Refund Policy

NWACC provides full refunds for Kids' College classes that have been cancelled by NWACC. All classes are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient attendees.

About refunds:
  • The $20 registration fee is non-refundable for user-initiated cancellations.

  • This fee holds your spot for 15 days within which you must either pay the remaining balance in full or setup a payment plan.

  • User-initiated cancellations made prior to April 30th will be refunded in full, minus applicable fees.

  • User-initiated cancellations made after May 1st will be refunded at 80%.

  • Credit card refunds cannot be issued for more than the original transaction amount and can only be refunded on the card used for the original purchase.

  • Requests for refunds on payments received via credit/debit/ATM card will be processed within two business days. Your financial institution may take up to five business days to process the refund.

  • Credit/debit/ATM card fees are non-refundable.

  • If you opted for a payment plan, the $50 fee ($20 registration fee + $30 payment plan setup fee) are non-refundable in the event of a user-initiated cancellation.