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Integrated Design Lab Concept

NWACC’s new state-of-the-art Integrated Design Lab (IDL) will house classes and dedicated space for students pursuing an education in art and design. The facility will have areas for students to learn valuable creative and technical skills in drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, construction and three-dimensional design media such as wood and metal, as well as digital tools of design, fabrication and art making. Students will be encouraged to test creative entrepreneurial ideas by utilizing the skills learned in various construction and art courses.  

Integrated Design Lab Vision:

NWACC’s Integrated Design Lab is collaborative integrated design, fully actualized into one physical maker space: form and function, art and entrepreneurship, creativity and industry, where passions become career realities for our underserved neighbors, family and friends in our home region of northwest Arkansas.



Integrated Design Lab Concept:

The Facility:

Premised on a belief in the educability of everyone, and promised through a commitment to cultivating individuals who collaborate well with others, NWACC’s IDL will house the Workforce Development, Communication and Fine Arts, and Business and Computer Science divisions.

The IDL will provide each division with additional spaces and resources to deliver programming, including a maker space to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. The IDL will be an educational philosophy, actualized through Bauhaus philosophy, as much as it will be a metacognitive teaching tool.

The structure of the IDL building will be a work of art that simultaneously demonstrates, through intentionally shown connection points between the labs, the existence for design-based problem solving to produce maximum impact and inspiration at the moment of delivery.

With that in mind, the IDL will provide a unique, quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunity for a population of students who wish to both engage their passions and enhance their employability.

Bauhaus Educational Philosophy

  •  The broad, democratic conception of what it means to be human.
  •  The belief in the educability of everyone.
  •  The cultivation of the individual who can work well with others.
  •  The emphasis on function and usefulness in their broadest sense.
  •  The integration of theory and practice rather than their separation.
  •  The nurturing of human creativity as it emerges from an informed and skilled starting point.
  •  The benefits of an interdisciplinarity that is based on solid disciplinary foundations.

More about Bauhaus philosophy.

The Program:

Students who participate in programming at the IDL will be strongly encouraged to obtain a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certification as a supplement to their degree in Fine Arts or Construction Technology, and they will be given a space for the professional practices of merchandising and exhibition.

The technical certificate in integrated design will inspire the perfect formula of form and function and provide students with an aesthetic and competitive edge. As such, the IDL will allow NWACC to remain the highest quality, most cost-efficient option for students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to develop such wide-ranging, creatively entrepreneurial, and multi-functional skill sets before entering the workforce.


Integrated Design Lab Progress

Follow the construction progress of the Integrated Design Lab, which is on schedule to open in Fall 2019. 

IDL Lab Progress